levin fitment

So my buddy Jason came over after I got of work to start welding up my rear quarter panels. Joseph decided to come on over as well. I picked up a 12 pack of Dos Equis and we quickly started working on the levin.

Using the hammer and a bunch of ice grips. We attempted to get the two layers of metal as close to each other as possible. The rear quarter has metal coming from the wheel well, which is factory welded together to the outer body of the 86. I had to close up the gap from cutting and grinding. An hour and a half later, we had the driver side finished. Yes we took our sweet one and almost finished a 12 pack. Hahah.


Then another hour we had the other side welded up and Jason took off to head home. Joseph and I began rearig off the rear suspension. Taking out the Megan lowering springs and the Monroe camaro/fox body shocks. Then it was in with the camaro/fox body kyb agx’s and swift rear springs. Just look at the difference!


Linear Swift springs vs progressive Megan lowering springs 20121104-205737.jpg

By now the rear was just squatting! The coupe looked sooooooo dope. So the next day, on went the origin bubble style rear flares. And on went the work equips! I first tried the 15×9 -41 with a 205/50 tire, but it caught the little lip on the flare. So instead, I threw on the 15×8.5 -35 with a 195/50 tire. Check out the fitment:





Between the rear of the flare, where it meets the rear bumper, the tires rub on bumps. So I figured if I just deemed the lip a bit, I can shave the flare down a bit and get another cm if clearance.

But boy do the wheels really set off the car!



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