Knuckle Up


I fixed the TPS issue from COTA and was back it for some drifting with Knuckle Up. I was thinking of driving the 86 to the event since it was held locally in Houston. But the forcast of rain, made me think otherwise. My 86 has no AC or wipers, and not sure how waterproof my wiring job is. I didn’t want to take the risk and trailered the 86.


The 86 did well drifting. The suspension settings was the same since COTA and the only difference I did was swap the rear tires to less grippy tires. I was able to get the car sideways playing with weight transfers.

Got 10 second of fame from the homie Danh. Later that day it started to rain and I called it day.

Check out Danh website blog:

AE86 the Ultimate Test

After getting the AE86 running in January, the 86 has seen 4 track events. After each event, issues have popped up. Thankfully nothing catastrophic.


As I got more comfortable with the car, and latest oil lab report showing healthy motor. The next step was to take the AE86 to Circuit of the Americas. This was going to ultimate test if the car can hold up to the track abuse.


First session started at 3pm, during the peak Texas summer heat. My tire psi cold was 28psi, and kinda low but I didn’t add air because I know the hot asphalt will heat up the tires quickly.

The car did great on the first session, took it easy just making sure it all stays together. The cooling stayed 83 degrees celecius, with the Texas heat, and oil pressures stayed at 70-80 psi. The first session a success, it was now time to have some fun!

The 2nd session was the fastest with 3:02 time. Slow times, people run a 2:40, but they are fast drivers with higher horsepower cars.


My car in the long straights didnt have the power to pull but I was decent enough to hang in the corners.


The 3rd session, the track was starting to get cooler and sun starting to set. I was kinda tired already but I didnt want to waste time or money. I went out there and tried to improve my times.

I noticed on my AiM dash that the throttle position sensor was reading 97% even though I was was 100% on the gas. It didnt really bother me, as the motor felt fine. But on the 4th session that when an issue happened.


On the 4 session, the track looked perfect, the sun just setting in the horizon. Perfect for the dawn shots.

Then disaster stuck and happen after the video ended, since the go pro battery died. The car started to sputter and loose power. Then the throttle cable got stuck wide open.


This happened at turn 10, just over the crest. Luckly this area has pretty of runoff and I was able to park the 86 in a safe area. I waited for a tow. I was thinking what caused this issue, since my overheating and low psi warning light didnt go off.


Once is was towed into the pits, I found the issue. My throttle was stuck from a loose wire, and my TPS bolts backed out and came loose. Hence why my TPS was reading 0% when I pressed on the gas.


More on that next blog…..