Wekfest part 3

Part 3

Nothing much to say really, just on to the pictures!

wekfest part 4-01

Hakosuka GTR, which was one of the more expensive cars showing.

wekfest part 4-02 wekfest part 4-03

Sticker craze….

wekfest part 4-04

wekfest part 4-06

Super deep dish with custom flares

wekfest part 4-07

Which was on this boss looking BMW… 7 series I think?

wekfest part 4-09

Honda love

wekfest part 4-08 wekfest part 4-12

Cleaning GS…. The VIP style is really growing on me. I kinda want to da VIP style on the 335i.

wekfest part 4-17 wekfest part 4-16

Boosted EM1

wekfest part 4-14 wekfest part 4-15

wekfest part 4-19 wekfest part 4-20

Chris Padilla VIP taxi with a Filipino theme…. Pinoy Pride!

wekfest part 4-71

Chris shaved and polished engine bae.

wekfest part 4-69

wekfest part 4-21 wekfest part 4-24

This was an intersting BMW e36…. Lookinf like exposed sheetmetal with custom fender work. Its like a rat rod style going on here.

wekfest part 4-27 wekfest part 4-26

wekfest part 4-25 wekfest part 4-23

wekfest part 4-22 wekfest part 4-29

Varis aero on the Subaru…. I wonder how much it cost. Really shows the agressive JDM styling. Reminds me of the 90s body kits from Veilside. Would look nice to see this running at the track.

wekfest part 4-28 wekfest part 4-31

wekfest part 4-35

This bagged S2000 came all the way from Cali, sporting the CSG taillights. Which seems to be the popular taillights for the S2000s

wekfest part 4-33

wekfest part 4-42 wekfest part 4-43

Don’t know what happed but last minute Wekfest prep or just got hit with the Wekfest cruse?

wekfest part 4-46

Pinoy owned Lancer that used to work in the same hospital before I quit lol.

wekfest part 4-47

Intersting trunk set up in a good way.

wekfest part 4-48 wekfest part 4-49

Im obvisously biased towards BMWs. Had to take another snap of the Z4M and M3

wekfest part 4-50 wekfest part 4-52

The bag set up on the E92 M3… Would you bag a M3? Im 50/50 because its such a great track car but also looks good laid out too.

wekfest part 4-51

Has the super expensive BMW performance seats and half cage too.

wekfest part 4-55

wekfest part 4-57 wekfest part 4-59

wekfest part 4-58 wekfest part 4-62

wekfest part 4-60 wekfest part 4-64

wekfest part 4-63 wekfest part 4-73

wekfest part 4-30//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Jon’s bagged Jetta wagon looking good on Rotiforms.

wekfest part 4-72

Going to end it with the clear tails. Bringing back the 90s!


Wekfest Houston part 2

Part 2…..

All the pictures I took was actually during the staging. Trying to take pictures when the general public is there is tough because there just soo many people. On to the pictures…

wekfest 2016 part 2-01 Bagged BMW X6, such a big cross over SUV…. Its not like X5 SUV but similar to Range Rover Evoque. The massive rims make the 6 pot brake medium sized lol. wekfest 2016 part 2-02

wekfest 2016 part 2-03 Then right next to the X6 you have this lifted Tundra. I would rather choose this over the X6 for my daily. Plus it would make a great tow rig for the M3. One day when I win the lotto. wekfest 2016 part 2-04

Wekfest prep still going on… I didn’t do any of that. I just showed up and called it a day. Pretty tired from last night and I had a track day the next week so I didn’t bother to do any prep.

wekfest 2016 part 2-06

Seen this S5 floating around IG, super aggressive styling and I think its a Liberty Walk body kit.

wekfest 2016 part 2-05

wekfest 2016 part 2-07

Loving these fender styles. This one is one a R35 GTR. Fresh Toyo R888. Super sticky tires at the track.

wekfest 2016 part 2-08

And more wekfest prep…

wekfest 2016 part 2-09 wekfest 2016 part 2-10

G37 sedan on TE37 Ultras. TE gang right here.

wekfest 2016 part 2-11 wekfest 2016 part 2-12

VIP out Lexus… liking the color combo

wekfest 2016 part 2-13

The Honda category is probably the hardest to judge at Wekfest. There are just soo many of them and each Honda have there own taste. I would have a hard time choosing the winner.

wekfest 2016 part 2-15

wekfest 2016 part 2-16

More Volk goodness. I was looking into the Volk ZE40 for the M3 but I don’t think I can give up my TE37.

wekfest 2016 part 2-19

Wekfest also had RC drifting going on. My friend Simon was there with his drift RC.

wekfest 2016 part 2-18 wekfest 2016 part 2-20

Liking this Pandem body kit E46 M3. The raw finish on the roll bar is nice contrast to the pristine body.

wekfest 2016 part 2-21

Seems over-fenders is still in for 2016. This STI had aggressive styling but not sure if the rims fit with the style. Looks like more of a VIP type of rim… I would put a more track oriented rim, but thats just my opinion.

wekfest 2016 part 2-22

wekfest 2016 part 2-23

Teal and grey combo, could nver go wrong with that.

wekfest 2016 part 2-25

This De Sol has always been showing at Wekfest Texas, doesn’t look much has changed since last year but its still a great build.

wekfest 2016 part 2-26

The roll cage matches the rims. Nice simple touches that just flow with the car.

wekfest 2016 part 2-27

wekfest part 3-02 Clean and simple laid out Passat. The smooth rims kinda gives it a hot rod look. wekfest part 3-01

wekfest part 3-03 Vibrant colors here. wekfest part 3-04

Murdered out Supra almost a sleeper, I wonder if it has power….

wekfest part 3-05 The stance is strong with this Civic. I think it had a sticker stating its stating static. wekfest part 3-06

Just because you have a van doesn’t mean you give up on the car life hahaha.

wekfest part 3-08 Wide booty on this 370Z. I had a chance to drive one for a couple of days. Its a good car and can make a great track car but it only has two seats and not much trunk space. I would say its more of a 2nd or 3rd car if you have a family. wekfest part 3-09

wekfest part 3-10 The fitment and stretch on this is crazy! Im pretty sure the PSI on the tires has to be at least 50psi just to prevent the tire from de-beeding. wekfest part 3-12

I do like this style, eventhough Im a track guy. I was once all about that life.

wekfest part 3-11 The wide body kit on this thing is just crazy. Looks something of the future, and I think its probably a complete one off custom body kit. wekfest part 3-14

wekfest part 3-13 The interior is kept mainly stock… Maybe the owner has plans for it in the future. wekfest part 3-16

More BMW with this 335i. This has the Arkym front bumper with vented hood. Liking the Volk rims too.

wekfest part 3-17 wekfest part 3-15

wekfest part 3-18 Square One NSX looking good. The value of these cars recently skyrocked over the years. wekfest part 3-19

wekfest part 3-20 wekfest part 3-21

Liking the overall build of this NSX. Tastefully modified.

wekfest part 3-22 Not sure of the brand of over fenders but looks like Liberty Walk 270Z? wekfest part 3-23

wekfest part 3-24 wekfest part 3-25

The white Lexus GS is also another common Wekfest showee. Not much done since last year. I did noticed the different style fender. Closer inspection and looks like its made out of carbon fiber. Pretty hard to improve on a car that already built very well too. Always a show stopper.

wekfest part 3-26 Same thing with Tom’s S2000. Not much changes noted from last year, but its still killing the game.

wekfest part 3-27

Speaking of killing the game, check out this E92 M3. Being a M3 owner I noticed a lot of money has been dropped into this car. Liberty Walk body kit (which seems to be the theme this year),ESS supercharger, and bagged on Rotiforms.

wekfest part 3-29 wekfest part 3-28

Custom painted intake plenum from the ESS supercharger kit.

wekfest part 3-30 The deep dish of the Rotiforms fills the fenders nicely. I could tell the brakes are still stock peeking through the rims, wish it had BBK on it but Im sure we’ll see it soon. The owner dropped at least 10k on the car because the supercharger goes around for that price. Another 5k on brakes wouldn’t hurt lol.

wekfest part 3-31

And Ill end off with this VIP style BMW 335i. Has the 1M bumper too. Nice OEM plus touch. Similar to how the the Vdub guys mix and match bumpers from other VW models.

Part 3 soon to come!


Wekfest Texas 2016 part 1

Since I’ve been tracking, I stop caring about car shows… I mean why pay to park your car and stand around for hours? But Wekfest is a different story. Its still the best car show in Texas and it the only car show I would enter my car in. Wekfest is a show about quality builds and I like that. Thankfully I made screening process and I headed to Wekfest Houston.


I didn’t have time to clean my car for Wekfest, because I had a track day recently and then I was working right before Wekfest. I didn’t mind the dirty track look anyways, it’s being used for its purpose.

Anyways enough about me and on to the photos…

wekfest 2016 part 1-01

This MK2 GTI was one the cleaner euros I saw. The details on this this thing is soo much every time you pass by it again you notice something else different. Loving this build, I was once a Vdub guy too.

wekfest 2016 part 1-02

wekfest 2016 part 1-03

16V boosted with a shaved engine bay. I notice a lot of the Wekfest cars have the shaved bays which it pretty nice. I personally don’t know how to do it but its a lot hours and paying attention to detail.

wekfest 2016 part 1-04

Euro front end.

wekfest 2016 part 1-05

Seen this build on IG and its pretty nice. Im not a stance guy anymore but I do appreciate the build and effort that has been done to it. Its aggressive but not annoying.

wekfest 2016 part 1-06

Also showcasing a shaved bay and some polished parts. Supercharged to back up the aggressive stance.

wekfest 2016 part 1-07

Simple S2000 with VOLK TE37 and Toyo R8888.

wekfest 2016 part 1-08

I am a fan of Volks….

wekfest 2016 part 1-09

This one rocking even more aggresive tires. Hankooks TDs, I’ve heard positive things about this tire on the track…. I don’t think this owner tracks his s2000 though. The tires don’t show track use…

wekfest 2016 part 1-10

Clean Integra with Mugen parts

wekfest 2016 part 1-12

BMW E36 with aggressive over fenders, looks custom made too. The BBS RS fills them in nicely.

wekfest 2016 part 1-13

I’ve seen this red E36 M3 at the Mayday meets and on IG. Hasn’t changed much looks wise over the years but it recently has Car Shop Glow LED tail lights.

wekfest 2016 part 1-14

JDM wheels

wekfest 2016 part 1-15

This RSX was one my favorite Hondas. Its race inspired with stripped out interior and he even relocated the battery behind the front bumper. Its the little details that count. The car has never been tracked but the owner was interested in tracking his car someday.

wekfest 2016 part 1-16

Murdered out R25 GTR. Those things are super fast even in stock form.

wekfest 2016 part 1-17

Bagged and suppercheged civic. Some go for that show.

wekfest 2016 part 1-18 wekfest 2016 part 1-19

Some love for the single overhead cam owners out there. This D series is even boosted…

wekfest 2016 part 1-20

Boosted FRS…. A lot of the cars in the show actually had some aftermarket boost. Just kinda tells you that Wekfest isn’t a show for basic cars. People really put time and money into their cars.

wekfest 2016 part 1-21

H22A Prelude on VIP modular wheels… I think it’s VIP modular.

wekfest 2016 part 1-22

That carbon fiber intake and those bends on the header.

wekfest 2016 part 1-23

My homie, Marc’s NA miata. Should have seen this car when he first bought it. I was there and the car looked like shit. It has come a long way and won 2nd best Mazda! This was Marc first Wekfest show too! Beginners luck? hahaha. Congrats Marc!

wekfest 2016 part 1-33 wekfest 2016 part 1-24

B series swapped CRX with a shaved engine bay. I remember when Donnie has his CRX and that thing was peppy.

wekfest 2016 part 1-26

Donnie has now moved on to Toyota Carina rocking old school SSR MKII wheels, with the fender mirrors. Loving the classic look. The time when cars where much simpler. I see these cars in the Philippines but just not at as nice as Donnie.

wekfest 2016 part 1-27

Genuine RHD with old school Recaro.

wekfest 2016 part 1-25

Work X Volk

wekfest 2016 part 1-30

Another look of the flared out E36.

wekfest 2016 part 1-31 RB motoring with the R32 GTS.

wekfest 2016 part 1-32

wekfest 2016 part 1-35 Laid out.

wekfest 2016 part 1-34

Another clean Prelude on Work Razax, and probably bagged too.

wekfest 2016 part 1-36 All about the fitment. wekfest 2016 part 1-37

wekfest 2016 part 1-38 K swaped DeSol. Shaved bay too and Mugen parts

wekfest 2016 part 1-39

Another very clean EK Civic on Bridgstone RE71R tires. Another great track tire.

wekfest 2016 part 1-40 Integra Type R with Mugen wheels.

wekfest 2016 part 1-41

Laied out Lexus with Aimgain accents.

wekfest 2016 part 1-42 wekfest 2016 part 1-43

My favorite S2000, with Volk wheels, Advan Neova tires and Mugen bumper. This car just screams for the track… But I don’t it has been tracked, because the tires again doesn’t show any signs of track abuse or track battle scars. I could be wrong and maybe the owner just mounted new set of Advan tires or got a fresh re paint.

wekfest 2016 part 1-44 wekfest 2016 part 1-45

wekfest 2016 part 1-47 Then you have a super aggressive styled S2000.

wekfest 2016 part 1-46

wekfest 2016 part 1-48 This TL is on Rotiform 3 pc rims and the quality Rotiform is something replica wheels can replicate. wekfest 2016 part 1-49

wekfest 2016 part 1-50 Bagged Jetta, liking the color on this. wekfest 2016 part 1-52

A civic with No Good Racing livery…. I don’t think this civic is part of No Good Racing but its paying homage to it and I dig that. The engine build on this looks like its ready for the drag strip.

wekfest 2016 part 1-53

Stay tuned for part 2….


MSR Houston part 2

If you didn’t read the earlier blog…. I did a track day at MSR Houston with Drivers Edge. They are a high performance drivers education (HPDE) organizer. It’s kinda like racing school where you get instructors and class time. There are four levels: green, blue, yellow, red. Green is novice, blue is you have some track experience but same its the speed at green, yellow is SOLO, and red is SOLO also but allows passing on the corners. As you get better you can move up the levels.


I have some experience at the track but its my first time with Drivers Edge and Im no way professional level. When I signed up I placed myself in lowest class (novice) becuase I did want some class time and an instructor to help me on my techniques.


The first day at MSR Houston (MSRH) I was bumped to blue group (semi novice) becuase I “was too fast for the green group,” said my instructor. The instructor mentioned that my car was set up for the track and could tell I had some track experience. Not going to lie I was shocked and felt confident, and happy that my experience helped me move up the group.

The 2nd day I continued to track with the blue group. The cars in that group are more powerful cars like GTRs, and Corvettes. We still get the occasional traffic but passing is more recognized. We still get class time but its on more advanced techniques and spatial awareness like recognizing the flag stations are the cars around you. On my 2nd session of the day the instructor was impressed enough that I could move up the the yellow group (3rd highest) which means I can go SOLO!!! I was told to go out with the yellow group on my third session and do a ride check. Ride check means an instructor with grade you and see if you are ready for the group.

Unfortunately… It started to rain on the 3rd session and I wasn’t able to get ride checked for the yellow group. But they still let me run with the yellow group by myself! I was nervous becuase the I don’t have much experience in the rain and the yellow group are more advance drivers and some had race cars! I just kept saying to my head “don’t mess up now, you made it to the yellow group. Last thing you want is to spin out and go back to blue group” I wanted to move up the group levels because the red and yellow groups have discounted rates, and my fellow M3 friends are in that group!

I was pretty happy that I moved up to the yellow group. I was never checked off with the yellow group, but I was able to ride with them on the last two sessions in the rain! The tip to move up the groups is not being the fastest. You have to recognize the flags and corner workers, show good driving techniques and recognize cars around you. You may be the fastest driver but if you don’t see the cars around you or the flags then you’ll never move up.


My lap times did improve and I was getting faster each sessions except when it rained of course. Next week its another track day at Texas World Speedway with NASA and then MSR Houston! Looking forward to that! I honestly think the car show days are gone hahaha.