Renegade X Sarapbuhay Meet

On Saturday Renegade and Sarapbuhay held a meet in the parking lot of Thaison’s slaughter lane Pho Thaison shop. It was a lot of fun with a turnout larger than we were expecting. At one point Thaison was even worrying about whether or not all the cars would fit in the lot, but sure enough everyone did. Jash holds regular meets under the Renegade alias up at k1 speed in Austin, Texas. From what I heard the initial reason for this meet was a farewell deal for Sarapbuhay. I’d like to think it was really because it was my birthday, but hey I’m conceited.  The meet was interesting in that all sorts of cars showed up for the good time. Unlike most meets this went off without a hitch in that there were no burnouts or other forms of stupidity that usually occur at these things. It was a nice breath of fresh air and since it was in Austin, I got to see a lot of good friends that usually don’t take their cars out for other meets.

In this collection of photos I have the honor of posting on behalf of Vinson as well as a guest photographer and good friend of Natsukashi Garage, Warren Chan. Warren is an awesome photographer and him and his brother are starting a new clothing line called “Redline” We will be sure to keep you updated on their doings as well as possibly planning a meet with them in the future?

Thaison also decided to have Natsukashi Garage host the “pre-meet” at his William Cannon Restaurant a few hours before the meet. We all agreed it would be fun and thus we did just that! Anyways, on to the photos, I hope you all enjoy!

Lets kick off the pre-meet with a photo by Warren of our boy Evarett’s sick s13 coupe


Drift fenders
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New addition to the family


I recently bought a 1992 Miata 3 weeks ago from my brother when he moved to the Philippines to study. He showed me the car on craigslist and originally I wasn’t interested. Naturally he bought the car and he came by me visit me in Houston. When I saw the car at the alignment shop, I immediately wanted it before I even drove it. So when my brother left for the Philippines I bought the car and got to work.

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