42 Draft Design Adaptor Reveiw


Sooo, I bought some Enkei RPF1 for my GTI for a really good deal…. The problem was the bolt pattern is 5×114.3. Now if you have a MK5 VW or Mercedes or Audi the bolt pattern is 5×112, unfortunately it wasn’t going to work out. But I had several options: I could get wobble bolts, or I could get the rims re drilled to 5×112, or I could buy adaptors. Wobble bolts are great because there are relatively cheap but i would need to bore out my rims in order for the wobble bolts to fit. My RPF1 is 17×9 et35 so i could have gotten my rims redrilled but I didnt because I wanted a more aggressive offset and stance. Which brings me to my adaptors…..


Knowing my offset is already 35 and that doesnt give me much play for the adaptor size. I looked around on forums and I havn’t seen any MK5 GTIs have a et20 on the 9in wide rim on the front. I needed a 15mm adaptors because that would make my final offset to et20 on a GTI!! I looked around the internet to look for 5×112 to 5×114.3 adaptors and to be honest there wasnt many options. 42 Draft Designs was the only company that made 15mm adaptors that were hub centric. Plus the adaptors is a stud conversion, sooooo UNLIMITED choices of wheel lug nuts!


I choose 12×1.5 studs for my adaptors because its the fitment for Honda and Toyota and other Japanese makes. I waited for a week for my adaptors, and I also bought Muteki blue lug nuts too. When I got my package it came with a instruction manual, hub centric adaptors, lug nuts, and hub centric rings. Image

The adaptors are superb in quality and a direct bolt on, I could have just use the lug nuts that came with the packaging but I bought the Muteki lug nuts because I like blue and it came with wheel locks. Like I said before unlimited choices of lug nuts!!


The install was very easy and perfect fit. The adaptors lined up perfectly to the hub and torqued the bolts to factory spec 90lbs. Image

The package came with hub centric rings for the adaptor, so when you mount the wheel to the car it will be perfectly centered. This only works if the the rims you have are hub centric too. I bought $3 hub centric 66.1 to 57.1 rings at Discount Tire for my rims. Image

Now its all mounted and all I got to do is bolt on my RPF1s! Honestly they are the lightest rims out there in the market, I wish I weighted it but I dont have a weighing scale at my place. The final fitment set up is 17×9 et20 on all four corners! Image

The wheel are Nitto Neo Gen 205/40/17.


After a couple of weeks of driving and the occasional sprited driving the adaptors are still very good. No problems, the ride is smooth, none of the studs are broken, no wheel vibration. The fit is perfect and now I have more wheel choices to chose from!

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