Streets of Willow video

This was my only video I had at Streets of Willow. I left my Go Pro on between the session which died because of the desert heat. I had a spare battery but only to find out it wasn’t charged. As the sessions went on I managed my quickest lap on the 3rd session with 1:32.5xx. For a first timer, I would say that is a decent lap time. But, just for comparison, MotorTend timed a 2015 Mustang GT (stock) and managed a 1:24.29 with Randy Pobst as the driver. The pro level difference is high and one day I hope to achieve that driving level. You can only master proper technique with seat time.

This video I gave my brother a ride along, and it was his first time attending a track day. Let’s just say he was impressed, shocked, and scared at the same. After the first session, he didn’t want another ride along. But he sure made a great pit crew helper. Brother: “Man, I didn’t know you can drive like that.” Me: “I was only going 70%, I’m still trying to figure out the course.” Im no Randy Pobst but hearing words like that makes me want to focus more to master my craft.


M Gruppe Skid Pad Fun

Small quick video of me at the skid pad during M Gruppe track day. We only had one go at this, becuase we were running short on track time with all the cars lined up. This was probably my favorite part of the day becuase drifting is fun! Skid pad teaches you the how the car behaves over the limit of grip and it might look easy but its tricky. There are some parts of the area where a light tap on the gas causes the rear end to come out faster then other areas. If you get it right, it wont feel like you are fighting the car and you can control the car’s angle with throttle inputs.