megasquirt tuning

So, those of you who’ve seen my car recently, know that I’ve recently switched to an aftermarket ECU.  DIYPNP Megasquirt to be exact.  I was scared as heck putting it together (because it was my first time soldering anything for reals) but it all worked out.  I took my time and double/triple checked everything I was doing.  The DIYAutotune guys have a LOT of written information out there to get me through it.

Anyways, this whole time, I’ve been running off my buddy’s maps — since he’s got a different engine and stuff, I’ve been running PIG rich.  Like AFR of 10-12 rich.  So this is what I’m starting to get into right now:


I’ve been reading online and watching youtube videos on how to tune and adjust your VE (volumetric efficiency) tables.  It looks like a giant jumble of numbers to me right now… but I’m still learning!

Nice surprise

So as I’m heading down the route of making my car nice and clean again, I had to source some new parts from club4ag. I thought I was ordering some eyelids and corner lights for the 86 but this is what I got:

Wrapped in Korean newspaper, from Cali.



I got TWO SETS of untracked eyelids! Ones pair seems to have some overspray, but that shouldn’t be hard to clean up.

From that time I hit a tree, both of my eyelids have been destroyed. Passenger side has a huge crack and the driver side disintegrated. Hahah. Now I have a clean set and a spare set!


Here’s some throwback pictures of my first hour owning the peanut:

I seriously need to get to working on this car again…

car peace usdm ae86

If you didn’t catch the speedhunters post they did on an ae86 at Hellaflush Japan, you need to check it out.  Hands DOWN, it’s my one motivator for my 86 build.  It’s absolutely the cleanest 86 I know of.  The engine bay is spotless, the body is clean & oem.

I mean, look at this bay!

Absolutely gorgeous.  Wire tuck (which is definitely easier when you’re running carbs, like here), tucked the brake lines, relocated battery, relocated fuse block, welded up holes, brake booster delete, etc.  SO NICE.  It’s perfect.  And that high rise header?  OMG.

future of the 86

So, recently I’ve been contemplating where I want to go with the 86.  Do I want to turn it into a drift car?  A grip car?  A missile?  A clean daily?

Here’s how clean my car was, two years ago.  February 2010, at the NST 5th anniversary car show/drift event.

february 2010

A huge part of me wants to finish my widebody and start prepping my car for some body work, etc etc.  Get it all clean and repaint it again, like I did before.  I know it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to do that.  I’m going to take on the task of learning bondo work and prepping all the car myself, so that when it comes time to take it to a shop, all they would have to spray it.  I’m hoping to have it looking as clean as this one:

In due time… there’s a lot planned for my 86, I need to get going on it!


To true Honda enthusiasts, these guys are really some of the original founders of our hobby. Back in the late 90’s, before Honda Tuning (or import tuning for that matter) was popular, these guys were all about building and modifying Honda’s. They all had one soul purpose, to perform. As leaders in innovation with everything from suspension to motor swaps these guys paved the way for what we love to do. I believe that everyone, not only the Honda guys, can agree that these guys deserve the utmost respect from us all, as they are doing what we all hope we can achieve. This is just my little piece of saying thank you for helping to create something much bigger then yourselves, something that has become very near and dear to my heart.


The leaders

You’re really going to want to watch all of these

Late Valentines Day Greetings

Sometimes you just happen to stumble upon the greatest people in the world. For me, cliche enough, one of those people is my girl friend of over 2 years now. Last night, on Valentines day when I contemplated selling my hatch again she told me this:

I may not know a lot about cars, and I may get bored at meets from time to time, but that doesn’t stop me from loving what you do. It especially doesn’t stop me from admiring all the hard work and effort you put into cars. I’ve never seen anyone so passionate about a lifestyle before… And you have this fire inside that is always set a blaze when you meet other car enthusiasts especially JUST like you. Your love for this hobby is so great that you’ve got someone like me.. Who doesn’t have a clue about cars appreciate and respect it as much as you do if not the same amount. What you contribute to the  auto community is irreplaceable. Sure people like to out flashy and expensive things in their cars, but they forget what it all comes down to. It isn’t about who is the best… It’s about sharing your love for a hobby, a lifestyle, call it what you may. This is why I know why many of your friends don’t understand why you do things that you do. I may not know what exactly it is that you add or change up on your car, but I do know why you do it. Some people might do it for silly reasons and some may think that you’re silly… But I think you’re passionate. Seeing you happy and satisfied with what you have is absolutely rewarding

If you find someone that understands you like she does me, hold on to them forever. And with that, I now have a new burst of inspiration to continue work on the hatch. One day Ill make it do this: