Project AE86: Back from the Machine Shop

Mid June, I got a text message my block is ready for pick up. The machine shop did take some time, about 7 weeks, before I was able to pick it up. The shop inspected, and cleaned the block in preparation for the rebuild. In addition to the typical machine work, I upgraded the 35 year old main and rod bolts to ARP bolts. I had the machine shop install ARP bolts, because its not as simple as it seems. After installation, it’s ideal to check the bore is still factory spec. This is because ARP bolts increases clamping force that could alter the line bore. I didn’t have the tools or skills to do this, but machine shop could do.

I ordered some MRP goodies, but unfortunately its about a 3 week lead time. There some things in life that you can’t control, and just have to deal with it. This will be my 2nd motor rebuild, and I’m adding few better parts that would be more capable to take the abuse of the track. The motor will be the 3rd motor, and serve as a back up. As I have picked up a complete 4age 16V in North Carolina, that I already put in the AE86. Stay tuned.