Welcome. It’s been a long time coming that my friend Thaison Nguyen and I, Branden Chaisorn, have been thinking about creating a blog / team of our own. Lets first talk about the name. Natsukashi in Japanese is short for “feeling nostalgic” or “fond/sweet memory” and that is exactly what the both of us look for when it comes to our outlook on cars. To us cars are more then just machines that we use in this automated world to get us from point a or point b. Cars, to those who understand where we come from, are extensions of ourselves and what we stand for. It’s easy to look at someone’s car and judge based on parts and modifications that you either like or dislike but what we try to preach is that there is much more to cars then just superficial glorification. Cars create memories, some good some bad, but regardless of the outcome to most car people these memories are something that we will never forget and would never trade in. As vehicles come and go we remember all the great times we had in them or around them with the amazing friends that we make along the way.

So this is Natsukashi Garage, the start of a diary of our lives journey and a display of how our cars help to define who we are.

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