Colorado Expedition

August was my birthday month and I wanted to celebrate it, but with COVID pandemic happening, I’m limited to what can do. House party was out of the question, bars are currently closed, and restaurants are limited capacity. Arcades might be too packed, and track days are expensive. Flying is cheap, currently, but Europe and Asia shut their borders to USA.


Why not do a camping trip! Texas in the month of August is still too hot for Lambo to camp. Instead, lets head up into the mountains of Colorado where it’s cooler.


I recently got my Roofnest tent. Past camping trips I used to camp inside the Land Cruiser. The set up wasn’t too bad but my wife and I wasn’t too comfortable, and packing everything in and out was a bit time consuming. We decided to upgrade our set up and glad we did. Colorado was the perfect test for it.


The trip took 10 days total and we all camped at dispersed campsites. This means no amenities in the campsite. Just you, and what you brought. I like those sites because it’s free and the trails to get to get to them are generally more tougher to get to. Meaning, better chance of less people and more secluded views.


Dispersed camping is only allowed in national forest or BLM (bureau of land management) areas. For trip I only paid for gas, and supply runs. I think the tent, with dispersed camping paid for itself.


Ryan and I planned out the route and sites months ago. We used a combination of Gaia Maps and Google maps. I mainly use Google maps with satellite imaging to look for camp sites and get a general idea of the terrain.


The planning we did was loosely planned, a rough draft, if you like to call it. We planned it that way, because anything can happen on the trails (which it did) and you want to take your time to enjoy the views. If you are on a tight schedule you can’t really enjoy your travels, because you will be rushing to get to the next destination or spot. That would feel like I’m back at work on a timed schedule.


As long as you in the heading in the right direction, its all good. I wasn’t able to get all the places I wanted to go to, because of unforeseen things. But that’s just anther excuse to back.


Stay tuned since this was a long and epic trip I’m going to post in parts. Thanks for reading!