Volk Gang


Ever since I bought Volk TE37 on the M3, I had to get Volks on all the cars I have. Obviously that is a lot money so I had to do baby steps. 4 years ago, I bought Volk TE37 for the AE86. Its the discontinued Ueno specs (14×7 et0).


Last year I bought one Volk TE37 for the Land Cruiser. Why one? That’s because I didn’t want to rock a spare stock rim, and at the time, all I could afford is one haha. This year, System Motorsports had an overstock sale for a set of TE37. Conveniently my size for the Land Cruiser.


I had to get it. With fuel prices going up, and supply cost increasing. It will be matter of time before the Volk TE37 gets more expensive.


Just have to put it on the Land Cruiser, when it gets back from the shop. Time to get a set for the Tesla next. Might be another year before that happens. I will be looking around for good deals.


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