Take It To The Track

I track because it’s a place for me to get my need of speed. I see people drive fast and wirelessly in public roads. I used to be that guy.

You might think you are a good driver, if you drive fast in public. Driving the car in that manner makes the car more unpredictable, and the driver’s movements causes that. You also have the element of the unknown road conditions. You are posing a danger to yourself, and to the others around you. It only takes one wrong move to ruin your life. Do you really want to take that chance?


Trust me, you are not impressing anyone when you drive fast in public. No one cares, if anything it’s just being annoying. Just goes for the same for the take over meets. Doings donuts and crashing into people, cars, or curbs. Life isn’t a video game, where you hit reset if you mess up.


People might say “Oh its soo expensive to track”. All I hear is excuses. Most track events can range $150 and upwards of $1000. You can find a track event in your budget, just have to look around. I would find events with SCCA, NASA, motorsportreg.com, or even Facebook event post. Amature or grassroots track days are very affordable. The cost to go to an event is cheaper, then the cost of going to jail.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-39

Track day offers an environment where you can drive over 100mph, and not worry about going to jail. Tracks layouts have plenty of run off, and yes, some more then others. Driving at that speed and near the limit will teach how be smooth with your car. Play with weight transfer, and understand the concept of car control.

NASA TWS 2016 pics-61

That is why I always come back. I like to drive fast, and not worry about going to jail. When I got my race license that rush is something indescribable. I thought HPDE was fun, but doing wheel to wheel racing is an experience on its own.


I hope y’all drive safe in public. If you want to drive fast, please take it to the track.


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