Project AE86: Hot Oil

Another vital component while at the track, is making sure your oil doesn’t overheat. Most stock cars are not equipped with oil coolers, because on the street you wouldn’t see the extreme temperates that are generated at the track. If an oil overheats, you lose the oil’s lubrecating properties. At track, you can and will kill the motor motor if you don’t address this issue.


Some AE86 came with the factory oil cooler but mine didn’t. The OEM version is discontinued. If you happen to find one for sale, the seller is asking an exuberant amount of money. Aftermarket companies makes oil cooler kits for the AE86 and those are pretty expensive too. I opted to buy a eBay universal 19 row oil cooler. Yeah its eBay and its a gamble I’m willing to take to save at least a few hundred dollars. I will be setting up gauges to monitor the vitals, so I say this is a calculated risk. At least I can make sure the oil cooler is really doing its job.


The eBay oil cooler kit didnt come with instructions. So its was like figuring out a puzzle piece.


I had to mix and match fittings. Eventually I figured it out.


I made sure to label the flow too. You can get it wrong and basically could route the oil lines where it never gets filtered or cooled.


The good thing everything fits. Later on I will need to shorten the AN lines, once I have the kit inside the engine bay. This should make a big difference at track and keep oil temps down. Stay tuned.


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