Project AE86: Learning on Mistakes

As I’m continuing to work on my motor, you learn new things as you go. Sometimes you make newbie mistakes, and some of those mistakes are frustrating and cost a lot of time. One mistake I did was redoing my oil pan.


About a month ago, I finished assembling the engine block, and the last step was to install the oil pain. Unfortunately, I was rushing things and one of the bolts that goes into the oil pain didn’t tread exactly right. I didn’t want to keep on going and risk stripping the bolt or ruining the block. I decided to call it and work on other things on the motor. Recently, I was talking to my friend Kwon, and he recommended to tread chase the block and bolts.


I went to Harbor Fright and bought tap die kit for $14! Not bad at all. Mainly tap die kits are used to make new treads or bolts, but they can also be used to tread chase too.


This was able to clean up the dirt that was in the treads and bolts. Made is alot easer to hang tread the bolts into the pan. A little bit of dirt inside the treads can risk for stripping the treads or bolts.


I had to clean and remove the old sealant from the block and pan. That was a pain. The initial install of my silicone was a bit too much and too thick. Some parts of the silicone was still wet even after a month of setting in. Learning from this, I was able to reseal the oil pan properly and feels good knowing I did it right.

Stay tuned.

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