Project AE86: Cooling


The 86 is going to see the track 90% of the time and cooling a crucial part for a healthy motor. Since I removed my heater core and running ITBs, the cooling system is fairly simple and straight forward.


I replaced some of the old rusted parts of the cooling system. OEM parts are still cheap and I did buy extra and spare back ups for a future 4age build.


I also did some cutting of pipes and hoses that I wont be needing.


Fresh new seals.

Untitled Untitled

Next I bought a 90 degree heater silicone hose and clamps from Amazon. Thank goodness for 2 day shipping. I cut the the hose to size and clamped it. Not to hard of a job.


And just like that… The cooling system is complete. Replaced all the seals and tighten everything up. Next is oil cooling. Stay tuned.

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