Land Cruiser Adventures

I went to visit my parents in Austin, and one thing Austin has over Houston is the all outdoor things you can do. Austin has the nice scenic hill country, which is why my wife and some other good friends went out off roading.


The place we went to was Hidden Falls Off Road Park. Ive been here before, but it was just my wife and I. My friend, Micheal, recently bought a Jeep and wanted to check out the off road capabilities. In my opinion I think he should have gotten Toyota, but Im a just a Toyota fan boy.


Ill do admit, Micheal knows how to take good pictures. He is the photographer for Driven and Blessed track events. That’s his jeep in the background. The jeep is nicely fitted: lifted, 35″ tires, winch, diff lockers, and body armor. Basically ready to tackle any trails. Still not a Toyota though.


Hidden Falls was mostly dry and dusty on the trails. Most of the creeks has dried up in the summer months. The trails in Houston are mostly mud pits, after all Houston was built on swamp land. I like the change in terrain in Austin because its more challenging, then just getting muddy.


This climb looked harder then it looks. I was facing the sky at one point and couldn’t see my spotter.


The 80 Series Land Cruiser… just gets better with age.



Solid front axle are perfect for articulation. I like how leveled the rig feels going over rough terrain.


I think the 80 series Land Cruiser is the best off road vehicle that Toyota made. Very good off road capabilities, and still has some nice luxury comforts you don’t get in the older Land Cruisers. They are starting to go up in value, wish I had money and room to another Cruiser.

Untitled Untitled

Taking a break from the track life and working on the 86. Really am thankful.

Special shout out to Micheal for taking the dope pictures even though he has a Jeep. Much love.

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