Project AE86: Start of The Rebuild

After little over a month at the machine shop, I finally got my motor back! I machine shop was pretty busy so I kind of expected it would take awhile. They inspected, cleaned, honed, decked the block, and grind down the crankshaft. I got new bearings and piston rings. The head got redone and resurfaced, new valve springs and valve stems.


For money spent on a motor rebuild, its probably going to be cheaper if you bought another used motor. But with the 4age that is a different story. Unfortunately these motors are 20 plus years old, and getting rarer to find. Im kinda stuck with what I got. The last compression test I did, it seems like most used 4age will need a rebuild at this point.


Just mocking it up. I did save money by me having to assemble the motor back. For me, it wasn’t just about saving money, but also to learn more about my 4age. If something goes bad, I have no one else to blame but myself. I have never done this before, but I have a 4age engine manual and good friends that gave some tips. Number one import rule when assembling a motor is cleanliness. Next is checking the tolerances and torquing to spec. Lastly is lubricating all the moving parts. Hopefully this big port will, run great so I can hit the track with my own car again. Stay tuned.

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