The Parking Lot Cars of Wekfest

Photographer: Leonid Furmansky

Words: Vinson Ubalde


Most people tend to focus on the cars that are actually in the show, that sometimes you miss out the gems that are lurking a couple feet from you. Its always interesting to find some cool things laying around in the car show parking lot. For example this bagged Toyota van, Senna I think, could have definitely fit well in the Wekfest car show.



Who says vans have to be boring. Just because you’re a family man doesn’t mean giving up your dreams on cars.


Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9271 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9273

This 240sx looked drift ready. Looks like it has an Orgin body kit, and S13 Silvia conversion.


Some stanced VIP styled cars….

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9284 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9274

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9272 This car looks like it drove all the way from Virgina to attend Wekfest. That’s fan loyalty.

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9293 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9279

The crazy exhaust sticking out is still a thing…. My guess is so the bumper won’t catch on the fire when I spits massive flames.

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9285 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9280

Then you have morse subtle OEM plus look.

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9283 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9289

That concludes the Weakest Texas coverage of 2017! I just want to thank Leo with these HD shots for the Weakest show. Unfortunately my camera battery was dead and Im nowhere near as pro like Leo. Thanks again homie!

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