Ver 2 Land Cruiser


Last month I got into an accident, and it was my fault. I was on 59 hwy, and I noticed traffic was bunching up and I was already slowing down. Unfortunately, I glanced at my GPS, and half a second later I looked up noticed the car in front was completely stopped. I pressed harder on the brakes and swerved to the shoulder, but it was no good. I hit the car in the front and that caused it to hit a third car. I was careless, and felt terrible for what has happened.


The other two cars involved was able to drive off and thankfully no major, visible damage seen. But my Land Cruiser had to be towed. The aftermarket bull bar broke on the mounting tab. That made the damage worse since the bar was pushed into the engine, and cracking my radiator, broke my ac line, dented the hood and fender, and ruined my corner light. My friend told me that bull bar will cause more damage than good and he was right.


There is no point sulking now, what done is done. At least on the bright side, its a good time to upgrade the Land Cruiser. I had liability insurance on the Land Cruiser, and yeah I had to pay out of pocket for my repair, but at least I don’t have to worry about the the other cars involved. Since I needed a new bumper, I might as well upgrade and I bought the ARB bumper. It was designed in the Australian outback, so you know it more than capable in the Houston streets.


The current progress…. still needs the driver fender, corner lights, and ac line to be completely done but its getting there.

Special thank you to Fernando at Backyard Auto for getting my Land Cruiser running and body work. Thank you Duc, from Duggy Garage for the ARB Bumper and OME lift kit! Soon this Land Cruiser will be ready to hit some trails and over landing!

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