Wekfest Texas 2017

Words: Vinson Ubalde

Photographer: Leonid Furmansky


Kinda long over due since wekfest was Dec 2, and now its almost 3 weeks I’m posting this. Better late then never!

Wekfest is the only car show I attended this year. I’ve been showing for Wekfest since 2012 and I feel like the the more familiar teams and people are moving on and its up to the younger folks to set the trends.


My homies Branden and Thaison rolling up in the 86s. Weakest prep till the opening of the show.


ITB gang…



Bruce’s menacing Z. Last year it had stretched tires and switched it up with a more meaty fitment.


Marc’s Miata which some of my old parts still lives on.

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9331 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8832


There where a lot of track inspired builds but I would say a majority never actually tracked. You tell just by looking at the tires, well any track rat can tell. Regardless, they are nice builds.


Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8979 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9269

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9117 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9138

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9180 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9183


Weakest prep, some took it more seriously than others. It did rain hard just before the opening, and it was a mad dash to get inside the stadium.


Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9148 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9219

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9103 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9067

It was pouring out there.




Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8908 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9129


This white EK9 was my favorite Honda. If I was going to build a Honda it would be this, and this was track ready too. Not sure if it is tracked since no battle scars or abuse seen on the tires. I still respect the build and effort put in. K20 swapped, but looked like it came from the factory. The engine bay had a very OEM look to it. Soo good that it won best Honda.



All mugen Civic. I bet that was money to build.


Leonid_Furmansky_171203_9385 Leonid_Furmansky_171203_9387

Leonid_Furmansky_171203_9396 This is my friend Chris’s filipino taxi inspired sedan. He was currently in the Philippines at the time of the show but had a buddy drive to the the show.


Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9340 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9341

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9323 The rear fog light is a nice touch on these DeSols.



Stance is still a there but I noticed its not as crazy or popular as it once was.

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9204 Very Miami Vice Ferrari.


In car shows, to stand out you have to be able to have some custom work done. This S2000 fit that requirment. Look at all those pie cuts and full carbon fiber body panels.

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9205 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_9208


Glory days of JDM cars…. at least in my opinion.

Ill end it there, thanks for reading!


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