Wekfest Pre-Meet 2017

Words: Vinson Ubalde
Photographer: Leonid Furmansky


Mayday Garage hosted the Wekfest Premeet at Moon Tower Inn and I believe the last time it was hosted here was 2 years ago. Moon Tower Inn hasn’t changed much since then but this years meet was more lit then before. Canal St, was pretty much a traffic jam full of custom cars and people.


Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8198 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8207

My frineds Thaison, and Branden rolled up to the meet sooner than I did and got prime parking in the front lot, but later back fired since they got blocked in from more cars.

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8278 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8310

Nate with was RWB Porsche. He also owns a air-cooled boosted Porsche 911 that I like to call the Blackbird.


The crowds just kept on a getting bigger as the night went on.



Branden’s blood red AE86 looking real good. Then you have Thaison Black Limited slammed SSR Long champs. Both look made my house look like a car meet.


Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8518 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8505

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8495 Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8431

Then people started doing burnouts. Im okay with rowdy meets but I would have been very nervous if I parked on the main street.

Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8465  Leonid_Furmansky_171202_8385

Happy Holidays!!!


For the full photo list: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm8ZFjsg

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