M Gruppe Track Day

I sure love back to back track days. Last weekend I was Circuit of the Americas and now back in my home track MSR Houston

M Groupe Track Day-2

M Gruppe is a club only for M cars. Some might get butt hurt they can’t join this club but its not like we discriminate. There are other clubs out there too. They host small meet and greets every month but this was the first track day they hosted. It’s was one of the more pricier track days I’ve attended but this was a private track day and not the normal DE events.

M Groupe Track Day-4

The event is more for people who are novices in track experience and want to learn how to the drive their cars properly in a safe environment. We had one on one instructors, with classroom discussion, and instructor ride alongs. Most of the discussions were for the novices, but that doesn’t mean track rats can’t attend. I admit the classroom part was kinda boring and was geared for the novices about handing, braking, etc but it did re-enforce what I’ve learned at the track.

M Groupe Track Day-5

We got free breakfast and lunch! The catered food was a plus, I didn’t take much pictures because I was mostly out driving on the track. Got to make the most of it right?

Untitled M Groupe Track Day-6

Our classroom/break room was in the Lotus Driving Academy building. Doesn’t look much outside but the it’s fancy inside with modern touches. I appreiceted the AC while I let my cool door while enjoying some snacks.

M Groupe Track Day-7 Untitled

The lead instructor was kind enough to let me borrow his expensive lap timer. This can also read your driving data via OB2 port but it wasn’t connected. The lead instructor did ride along with me and gave me some very good advice in braking with smoother weight transfers for faster times. It worked, because I managed to beat my PR and get into the sub 50 sec range! Im just on springs, 200tw tires with stock brakes with race pads!


I usually stayed on the track for 20 mins then cooled the car down for another 15 mins before I went out again. On the last hour I was stayed out for 40 mins and used 1/2 tank of gas! She is a thirsty gal but the M3 stayed strong with no brake fade or engine issues.

M Groupe Track Day-8

What did break with my fuel filler door haha, hence the orange tape lol. I don’t know if the lateral g’s broke something loose in the locking mechanism but I went for a fill and it didn’t want to close. Im really enjoying the M3, the way it was meant to be driven. I love learning with the car and feeling the limits of grip. Some cases I don’t get to the limit becuase Im just too scared. A lot of seat time will make you better driver not just at the track but also on the street. Private track days is the best way to get the most seat time. I hope M Gruppe will host another event again!



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