E92 M3 with Patina

Track day wash June 2017-04

After back to back track weekends, my M3 was coated in brake dust, dust and grime, with a few more extra scars. I used to worry about about keeping my car super clean never drive in the rain because of car shows. I always had to keep them nice so at least it looks “fresh.” I don’t think I can go back to car shows anymore….

Track day wash June 2017-01

The track life has somewhat changed this. Of course I still clean my cars, but I don’t sweat over the stuff that can’t be taken out with soap and a water.

Track day wash June 2017-02 Track day wash June 2017-03

I actually like the rubber markings on the paint from tires sacrificing themselves for more grip. Or the rock chips that pummels the M3 from a dusty track or lead cars throwing up dirt when tracking out.

Track day wash June 2017-06

Cracked lip from a cone that was in the exit corner. These are all serve as memories. Kinda like how a tattoo is a permanent reminder of how you got your tattoo in the first place. Good or bad, its there to stay.

Track day wash June 2017-13

Track day wash June 2017-11

Track day wash June 2017-08

Patina might not win car shows or win hard parking points but you can tall a lot about the way the person drives is by looking at their car. The track patina is a look I dig.

Track day wash June 2017-14


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