M3 shedding the weight

As Im tracking more, the M3 is slowing becoming more track focus. Last year around October I started shedding weight first with installing a bucket seat on the drivers side. I didn’t weigh the stock seat at the time but sure was heavy!


The beginning of this year I removed my rear seats. They were not as heavy as the the front seat. If I had to guess it probably weighed 40ish lbs and sure opened up the space in the m3. The rear seat is bulky.

MSRH Jan 2017-26

I didn’t notice a difference at the track with the weight loss but I cut my times 2 seconds since the last time I was at MSRH! I think its the combination of getting more seat time and the weight loss.


Then I won a eBay bid for a legit Bride seat! I ended paying $250 plus $100 shipping! Not bad for a seat that retails $900 new.


Had the sticker and stitching so I know it was legit.

Untitled Untitled


I rather pay for used legit parts then pay the roughly the same price for new fake ones. Its all about quality. Becuase quality last, and proven.


Looks more track focus now. I have lost functionality of the getting into the back but I lost that when I took out the rear seat. For some reason, if need to, I can still crawl though the center console to get to the back. I did manage to weigh my stock front seat and weighed 65 lbs!! So with the the stock seats removed Ive lost 170lbs (65lbs x 2 for the front seats and 40lbs for the rear seat)!!! But I did add my bucket seats which I weighed 23lbs each with the hardware. So in total with the bucket seats installed I’ve lost 129lbs! Thats like having another passenger haha.


While doing track prep and switching rims I weighed the front stock rim. 49.8 lbs showed for a 18×8.5 rim on 245/40/18 tire! Not terrible but does feel heavy when switching rims.


Whats really impressive is how awesome TE37 weight saving is. Mind you my TE37RT are 18×10.5 with 275/35/18 tires. The scale showed 45 lbs, thats almost 5 lbs lighter per wheel!!! More width with less weight is impressive. You really understand why they are expensive. All that R&D to make a strong lightweight wheel. My TE37 are Ridged Tune meaning they are slightly lighter and stronger then regular TE37. Track proven too. With all these weight loss Im sure my car’s weight is close the $100,000 M3 GTS!

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