Drivers Edge HPDE at MSRH

This was a really memorable track weekend. It was my first time to track with the DnB crew and most started tracking becuase of me. Its crazy how you show a couple of friends your passion and then next thing you know you have a group of friends that likes to do the same thing. Tracking is soo much more fun with a group of friends. I mean I’ve been to track days just by myself and meet people but its just more special when you have your friends out there doing the same thing you love to to do.


This was a two day event, just days before the track we all getting excited. When the track bug bites yah, you know. You are always itching for the next track event.

MSRH March 2017-02

The first day it rained and I didn’t take any pics. My camera bag got soaked but thankfully the camera was dry. The first day was a pretty soggy. Lots of cars spun off and few unfortunate crashes. The drivers were okay thankfully. Some of my friends was actually worried tracking in the rain. I get it, becuase you can’t go as fast, and the chances of losing control is higher. I don’t mind a wet track day becuase I learn more as a driver in car control. I’ll get more in depth in a later blog. Since I don’t have any pics of the first day, here is a wet session video. 4 wheel drive cars ruled the tracked.

The second day looked for better track conditions with no forecast of rain. But what I forgot was how cold it was going to be! With daylight savings having to lose an hour of sleep, I woke up late. I barely made it to the drivers meeting! Unfortunately with me rushing to get to the track I didn’t bring a thick enough jacket and I wore shorts with a forecast of 50 degrees, which honestly felt more like 40 degrees. Luckily Mike had a spare jacket, and my nomex race gloves to keep me warm. MSRH March 2017-04

As I had some breaks between sessions, I went ahead and took some photos. Most the cars were track oriented but still street driven and registered. I appreciate the people that actually take their car to track instead of doing street races or just being reckless in the street.

MSRH March 2017-05

Porsche GT4 at the track. Another car that is built for the track but still is streetable for a daily.

MSRH March 2017-06

MSRH March 2017-07

You have the lightweights at the track. This Lotus Elise has a few track mods. Sporting a titanium exhaust, Toyo R888 tires and Volk CE28.

MSRH March 2017-08

I like to see a track modded car out on the track, thats the purpose of track mods right?

MSRH March 2017-09 MSRH March 2017-03

Another tracked Volk, this time TE37 mag blue.

MSRH March 2017-10

Props to the people that bring stock cars out too. You really don’t need to have a fully tuned out car to track. Just bring what you got and develop as a driver. A stock car can teach you a lot at the track. I’ve seen this Mini Cooper in past HPDEs and driven by a older gentleman.

MSRH March 2017-12

MSRH March 2017-11 MSRH March 2017-13

Xerxuz yellow TRD FRS. He was getting faster every session and managed to get under the 2min range! Not bad for the 2nd time on this course. He doesn’t have any power upgrades either. Just coils, rims and street tires.

MSRH March 2017-14

Dykon coming out into the main pit straight. Even though weather was dry you can tell the track still had some wet spots.

MSRH March 2017-15

MSRH March 2017-16

Alex’s M4 avoiding the puddle of water by the apex, left from yesterdays rainstorm.

MSRH March 2017-24

MSRH March 2017-18 MSRH March 2017-22

Lenards 5.0 mustang in action.

MSRH March 2017-25 Another shot of Alex M4 passing a Porsche 911, or was it the other way around???

MSRH March 2017-27

Lenard’s Mustang twin…. Mhel’s 5.0 Mustang.
MSRH March 2017-66

Mike’s recently acquired Porsche 911, I had no idea they come in 4wd also!

MSRH March 2017-29

More fun when tracking with friends and even better if you in the same run group! Mike in the white Porsche 911 giving Lenard the point by.

MSRH March 2017-67

MSRH March 2017-33

Nick’s 370z tastefully modified. I’ve seen soo many riced out 370z that this is refreshing. Nicely lowered on SSR wheels, clean and simple.

MSRH March 2017-34

Gab Focus ST, and Alex M4 cooling down.

MSRH March 2017-37 MSRH March 2017-36

MSRH March 2017-38 MSRH March 2017-39

MSRH March 2017-41 Mike taking shots and Im just behinds the scene.

MSRH March 2017-40

MSRH March 2017-42 Lenard prepping himself for the next session. The track bug really bit him! Later in the day he did spin off…. At least you learn from it!

MSRH March 2017-46Lotus Evora that parked next to us. The car was in the same run group as me.

MSRH March 2017-47 Gab’s Focus ST with derpy Jan photobombing in the passenger seat.

MSRH March 2017-35

Here’s Jan’s G35 booty. He likes to hard park at the track. Shout out for being a babysitter while Dykon was at the track. I know Im not ready for the dad life.

MSRH March 2017-52

Murdered GT3.

MSRH March 2017-53

MSRH March 2017-54

You might be wondering why a lot of the cars are muddy… well most of then didn’t go off track. The reason is the track entrance is under construction and there was a section of mud that all the drivers had to go through.

MSRH March 2017-56

MSRH March 2017-60 MSRH March 2017-61

Seen this M5 before at NASA events. Sporting BBS wheels too.

MSRH March 2017-62 MSRH March 2017-69

Sometimes your track day doesn’t go as planned. This BMW wheel stud broke right at the hub. The owner was able to remove the broken stud and replace it before the next session. Always good to have spare parts.

MSRH March 2017-71 MSRH March 2017-72

This interior is serious business.

MSRH March 2017-70 MSRH March 2017-75

Track dirty GT3, with a color matched roll cage.

MSRH March 2017-74 MSRH March 2017-81

A smart car on slicks…. thats a first.

MSRH March 2017-82 MSRH March 2017-80

MSRH March 2017-83 This Alpha Romero sounded really nice, sure didn’t sound like a 4 cylinder motor.

MSRH March 2017-84

RHD prelude. Seen this car at previous Drivers Edge HPDE.

MSRH March 2017-85 Has some tasteful JDM mods.

MSRH March 2017-86

Volk wheels, Spoon brakes, and Advan tires… JDM trifecta?

MSRH March 2017-87 MSRH March 2017-88

MSRH March 2017-79 This white F80 M3 posting pretty fast times… I heard it was running in the 48 sec range on just NT01 tires and camber plates!

MSRH March 2017-77Marvin’s R35 GTR looking pretty nice.

MSRH March 2017-76 We pretty much claimed this spot the first day.

UntitledI really had a blast with my track friends. We all got bit by the track bug and got addicted to it. Some of my other friends don’t track and thats okay. Some came out to support us and thanks Karl and Tim for lunch! Its good have a support team too. One day we will all be in the same run group and we’ll be out there in the track passing and pushing each other to go fast.

Group photo credit: Michael Contreras

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