NST Meet

NST -17

The guys at NST hosted a meet at one of the tea houses I go to chill. After the gym and dinner with some buddies we headed to the NST meet at Happy Tea House. My friends wanted to go early but I wanted to arrive fashionably late. Being filipino you never arrive on time to an event because it shows you are over eager. We left at 9pm thinking we would get there in 15mins but ran into a huge wreck on the highway and ended up being a 30min drive.

NST -50

And of course since we arrived late we couldn’t find any parking hahaha.

NST -03

NST -05

The S2000 game is on point. One of the few cleans ones are in Houston

NST -04

NST -02

Manny’s TSX from Team Apokaypse also came out.

NST -36


Lam’s now functional Genesis rolling on light weight Buddy Club P1 wheels with Potenza tread. The guy is like a wheel whore, just like me.

NST -01

NST -12

The 370z’s and the FRS’s/BRZ’s came out in full force. Literally took the front space of Happy Tea House.

NST -13

Aired out

NST -08

NST -11

RX7 breakin necks

NST -07

Everything done right on this VIP lexus

NST -14

NST -09

NST -28

Still look good with the bumper missing. This Civic was infamous in the last Eat Sleep Meet in Houston.

NST -15

This Honda Accord has a 90s style to it.

NST -16

The pearl paint job and the Takata tow strap are nice touches.

NST -40

NST -42

Then you have this legit JDM front end Integra with the parking indicator. Its the small touches that count.

NST -23

NST -22

NST -31

NST -30

NST -29

NST -33

NST -35

NST -36

NST -20


NST -24

Mean eyes

NST -32

Rocking VOLKS in front and WORKS in the rear

NST -26

NST -27

NST -38

NST -39

NST -37

Twerk team yo

NST -41

Intercooler for daysssss

NST -48

Clean IS300 and looks drift spec too

NST -49

NST -21

NST -19

RPS13 is sooo clean. I wonder if the owner drifts it tooo

NST -45

NST -52

NST -51


NST -44

Simplicity is the key.

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