2 Wheel Fetish

Long time no see! I’d like to apologize for my absence. I broke my trusty Nikon d60 and have been AWOL since then, but I’m back! I recently purchased a Sony Nex-3NL, which is a pretty cool mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses that is about the size of your average point and shoot.  I bought it after missing the whole art of photography, and some good convincing by my friend Patrick Lu who is a seasoned photographer. 


Since I’ve been gone we have been up to a lot of different things. I’ll take this time to let you all in on our latest craze… 2 wheeled machines. Some of us here love motorcycles, others are scooter heads, but regardless of what we ride, we all have a blast. There is nothing like a motorcycle track day, adventure, or even just rolling out to the nearest In n Out (Thank you Austin for now having 2) with your friends. All in all, we greatly enjoy modifying, restoring, and riding 2 wheeled machines. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to!


We all know Cody has a Ruckus. He’s been modifying it a whole lot lately and, as you can see, he has it’s stance dialed.





Recently, Billy also picked himself up this awesome 1986 Honda Spree. It’s a 2 stroke scooter with oil injection so you don’t even have to mix the fuel! Technology has always been cool…. even in the 80’s



The family photo of that day





Needless to say, our scooters are not the fastest things on the planet…. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t eek every last bit of performance out of them that we can get. Checkout Cody swapping out weights to get his variator belt as far out as it would go!




But really, what’s left other than to bring the Ruckus!



I myself have managed to pick up a Honda Passport (c70 cub) from Thaison’s little brother, and have managed to get it running, break it, and get it running again. Typical Natsukashi Garage style….



On top of that, last weekend I managed to ride my bike over 600 miles round trip to Harlingen, Texas to visit my grandparents. The ride was long, and yes my butt did hurt after a while, but still it was enjoyable nonetheless. Traveling by two wheels is by far my favorite way to travel these days.



At the end of the day, 2 wheeled vehicles have brought me closer to family and friends. To me, this is what our community is about so enjoy it while it lasts and cherish every moment!



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