Shop Day

Hey peeps,

New jack, AJ here. This is my first post here on the blog. I’ve been silently lurking in the shadows of the NG Facebook, and Instagram pages. But now that I have a somewhat decent camera (Nikon d40), I am now able to contribute to the blog. So the other day a few of us decided we were going to go up to Cody’s shop to use his tools, lifts, and tire stretching capabilities to mount up some new tires on Thaison’s hatch. The following pictures are of the hood rat shit we accomplished. Also bear with me as I am still getting used to my camera. I haven’t actually taken pictures with a decent camera since high school.


Vinson’s dirty ass bbs’s sittin in the parking lot.


Cody using the cheetah to try and seat the bead on Thaison’s new 175 tires. Looks like Thaison took it to the face though.


That stretch.


Back on the ground to check the height of the front suspension.


And back in the air to lower the front some more. Which was the point of the smaller tires to begin with.


Randy’s “NG Tow Truck”


Cody trying to figure out how he’s gonna get in the car over the roll cage.


Mean muggin


Biss throwin it up for the west coast. Cause we all hood.


We heard you like big wangs.



Four hours later we decided we could let Cody go home.

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