Texas 2K13 is a yearly car event were all high power cars from all over the United States come to Texas to compete in a 3 day race event. The event was held at Lonestar Motorsport Park which is the home of Hennessy Performance. After my hospital orientation I headed down to TX2K13, it wasn’t that bad of a drive, just 45mins from Houston (without traffic). The cars that showed up were V8 muscle cars, Supras, GTRs, RX7s, Corvettes, Italian supercars, Mercedes, Sport bikes, High HP SUVs and trucks. Rolling up in my stanced, Unitronic stage 2 tuned GTI was probably one of the lowest horsepower cars out there.


When I arrived the drag races were over but it was still a car show and I managed to get pics of some really nice cars that were cooling down or that came to spectate.

TX2K13 1-28




I can see this throw flamesImage


Both cars have the same motorsImage

Fine looking M3ImageImage

Out of all the Supras this was my favorite. Its clean and simple, not too flashy. The color combo is perfect and I heard it has 1000 horsepower!ImageImageImage

German muscleImage

AWD and FWD Image

The Chevy was loud as fuck and had the distinct sound of cam lobes on idleImageImage

RWD or AWD??? What to choseImage

It may be a trailer queen but it means business Image

The plate says it allImage

GTRs making their presence knownImageImage

Just a dash of carbon fiber ImageImageImageImage

The businessman’s MercImageImage

This Civic wasn’t slow either because it had a front mount intercooler, which obviously meant its boostedImage


HKS GT1000 package kit for the R35 GTR, the kit alone retails for $18,700!!!!!!ImageImageImageImage

Hennessy Performance doesn’t only work on American cars but also on Mercedes and GTRsImageImage


If you look closly thats not a Ford GT500 but a Ford GT1000!! Bult by Hennessy Performance ImageImageImageImage

Ford Raptors, they can go off road and pretty fast on road


This one clean GTR, show and go Image

AWD or AWD????ImageImage

Ferrari 430, he doing it rightImage

Lamborghini gallardo, I want this to be my wedding car except white and convertableImageImageImageImage

Later that night, they had a night meet at the same location. They had a burnout contest, music playing and a bikini contest. Unfortunately I didn’t attend because I fell asleep so I can get up early and get ready for Cupcake Meet that was held at San Antonio the next day. TX2K13 is a show to attend if you are the person that loves fast cars, engine noise and high horsepower! Ill be back next year!!

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