Natsukashi Profile: Arick Casas

I just wanted to take some time to introduce one of our boys, Arick Casas. Hands down I think all of us can agree that he’s one of the craziest guys in our group. I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing him for such a shorter time than Branden or Cody have. I always knew him as the guy with the slammed xB back in the day…


I think when it came down to things — it all started with his Honda Fit. After owning the car for less than a week, he had already started stripping it for touge runs.

Honda Fit

I’ve heard countless stories about the sleepless nights caused by running roads til sunrise. Arick would work at the hospital til night, head out and run roads all throughout the evening until the sun was rising. Then it was back to work and repeat.

{branden}A little more background history is in order to let you all get a real gist of what really went down back in the day. Before Natsukashi Garage we had what was called the TGBC. TGBC stands for Tit Grab Bench Crew. The reason for the name is a hidden secret that TGBC members know. We also dubbed ourselves the Touge Battle Crew at the same time. Back in those days we would fill up on caffine, gas, and snacks and make night out of running the roads. During this time Arick and I would go through a new set of tires about once every two months. As Thaison said, those were the days where Arick and I learned the most about driving in all aspects. When you drive your car to the limits that much you learn about everything related to the dynamics of the car, and Arick did just that. “Running”, or racing in our terms, happened regardless of the state of the car. By the end of it Arick was running with blown motor mounts, shocks, etc. He was still faster than most people out there regardless of the circumstances, even with his 96WHP fit. It’s safe to say that Arick can be considered “crazy” in all aspects, but shit… that’s what makes Natsukashi Garage.

This was the TGBC

The more important part about the TGBC was that we really established a great friendship then. Arick and I connected through driving. Before that we just lived in the same neighborhood but never knew each other till we found each other out on LC and it has been history ever since.

The TGBC family photo:



He eventually transitioned into his toaster car — the only car I associated him with for the longest time. His slammed and super load maroon xB.

Toaster Car

I think this is when him and Branden really started to pick up their driving skills. Honestly, I can’t even keep up with the two guys when we head out. They always end up pulling over and waiting for my slow self to get there… haha, one day…

As of just a few weeks ago, Arick found himself in a situation where he had the opportunity to straight trade his xB for a Mazdaspeed NB Miata. And without question, two days later Arick had made the jump from FWD to RWD. Not to mention 205WHP forced induction RWD.






Needless to say, he’s got a whole bunch of parts lined up for the next few months. But I’ll let him tell y’all what he’s got in store.

Big thanks to Thaison and Branden for the welcome. It’s an honor and a privilege to be a member of the team.  It will be a while before any of you start to see me changing it up, I’m still getting used to being RWD and TURBO!!! But I am definitely excited about the things I have planned. As it sits today the car is quite the machine and a blast to drive. I won’t go into full detail (because I can’t) but this car has a well-built suspension set up, featuring some one off parts from a very reputable manufacturer.

Stay tuned as the boys and I have some very big things in store for 2013!

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