Status Symbol

Im here to do a review about my Status Seat. I actually found this seat on a craigslist ad, and the guy was originally selling 2 seats with the Status bracket and mk4 r32 seat rails for 1200$. Thats was a pretty good deal since the seat alone is worth 1000$. I was originally going to buy two but after talking to my fiance (she didn’t want non reclining seats on her side) and saving money for a wedding I decided to get one. So I txted the dude and i dr0ve to Austin to pick up the seat, later my boy Thaison picked up the 2nd seat.  The owner told me there were many people that wanted to get it didnt buy it because they were to big. Im a slender guy and I would definitely say if your waist line is 34 or higher you will not fit. The seats were overall in very good condition. The black cloth faded a bit but no tears, or cracks. Just goes to show you how good the quality of build the seats are. Plus its American made so Im supporting the local business too! The carbon fiber weave is immaculate and beautiful!

I love stickers and I think this Supreme sticker fits this seat nicely

When I got back to Houston, I called some shops to see if they can retrofit the mk4 r32 seat mount to my mk5 gti. Unfortunately it was more expensive then buying a new seat bracket for my car. So I bought Planted seat brackets for 140$. The seat bracket is very sturdy, which bolts on to the car perfectly and the bracket accepts most after market seat rails. I also disassembled the Status side mounts, and seat rail to see how light the seat is. AND it is very light! I can pick it up with two fingers, in mater of fact the seat rail weighed more then the seat haha. Just goes to show how light carbon fiber is. The seat is even FIA approved so you can use it in offical races.

The seat is complete removable, you can replace the cloth and the memory foam too. So simple yet it looks sooo good. After getting my Planted seat brakets I was going to to do the install myself but I realized the front seat has airbags and connectors to the car. I didnt want to remove the seat and throw a airbag warning light, sigh new car problems. Sooo I took it to the professionals and called Texas Track Works in Dallas. I scheduled an appointment 2 days before Weksos. When I got to the shop it look like some wear-house on the outside but in the inside it was a very modern shop. They are the main dealer for Status seats in the state of Texas! Installing the seat was the easy part but removing the air bag light was the hard part. It took us two hours to figure out how take out the air bag light. This is when the vag com comes into play, but you cant just simply erase the air bag error because it will turn back on when the car starts.  Turns out you have to use a resistor to clear the air bag light. The resistor connects to the plug that was connected to the seat, and the vag com showed us what amp of resistor to use. The difference with the weight of the stock seat and Status is night and day. The stock seat weighed at least 50lbs and its sooo big and bulky too.

So finally with the seat in place time drive back to Houston ! At first getting into the seat takes some getting use to. The side bolster are soo high, which makes it kinda awkward to get in and out of, like race car.  The drive from Dallas to Houston got me worried thinking the ride will be uncomfortable ,since I have coils and less seat padding even though I have have memory foam,  but surprisingly its not bad at all. The seat puts you in the best driving position and the memory foam really to keep you comfy. The comfort is similar to the stock GTI seats. But the way Status seat hold in place is a different story.

The day before Weksos I took my car out to the windy roads of AustinTx with my boy branden in his touge spec Honda Si. Let me tell you, if you want a true bucket seat get this. I know my GTI came stock with bucket seats but it doesn’t hold you in place at all when cornering around. You just move all over the place. When sitting in my Status seat, its very snug, and the side bolster, lumbar support, and shoulder support are a lot longer than the stock seat. I can definitely feel the way my car handles and gave me more confident in taking corners faster when trying to keep up with Branden. The seat is very good and the quality is superb. Status seats are pretty rear, not even Ferrari have these seats. The seat has been used but it still looks good and for 600$ who can pass up a deal like that. Every time I step into my racing seat all my problems go away. Good therapy.

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