Weksos Austin 2012

ImageOne of the biggest car shows was in Austin and Natsukashi Garage got to represent!! The show had alot of very top quality cars. There was a screening process months before the show started and I was glad I made it through. This was my first car show where my car was actually in it and what a better place than Weksos! Just a day before Weksos Branden and I almost got the Weksos curse! We were driving to burn gas, since you have to be 1/4 tank prior to getting in the show, and we almost got into a head on collision from stupid driver that was going too fast in the rain. Whew that was close and thank goodness no one was hurt. Anyways real glad I could be a part of Weksos with Natsukashi Garage and onto the pics!

ImageThe staging, driving inside the Palmer Events Center was definitely once in a life time event



ImageDat ass



ImageIts all in the details, clean shaven engine bay and tucked wires



ImageVIP Lexus



ImageMemory fab wheels sooo nice 



ImageTeal colored Enkei RPF1



ImageThose racing harts ❤



ImageBagged GTI perfectly dialed on CCWs



ImageBranden detailing his car before the show






ImageWork epuips always look nice



ImagePhoto speaks for itself



ImageNice use of painters tape



ImageStretch and poke











And Spoon!



ImageSupercharged K20



ImageThere were even K20 swapped Honda civics








ImageNo bags here, static drop



Image Videographers out on full force







ImageDat fitment doe



ImageDat dish



ImageThis was my favorite car and look at those super rare BBS RF!!!






ImageTexas doing big









Cleanest looking S2000 out there



ImageGutted and caged E36 convertible.



ImageSooo many people! 


Weksos was a success and the show felt like a car meet were you can talk to people and get some advice and inspiration. No doubt I’ll be doing some things to my GTI to make even better. I definitely had a great time and I cant wait for next year!





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