too many projects…

I get people telling me “You have too many projects” alllll the time.  A lot of the people tell me to sell my other cars and just focus on ONE.  And I tell them — no fuckin’ way.  I can’t sell any of my cars.  And if I did, it’d only be to people I know and trust — that way I can still see my car, help build it, and get to drive it!

too many or not enough? i say…not enough

While I’m getting my blacktop swap together for the 86, I’ve been looking up parts for the ae71.  I’m gonna start transferring over my old (stock) ae86 parts onto the ae71 — yay the benefits of having the same chasis!  I also just ordered a bunch of parts from Malaysia.  Why Malaysia you ask?  Because in the southeastern Asia, people LOVE their Corollas!  Especially the older ones.  And because of that, there’s a huge market for Corolla parts.  For craaaazy cheap, since they’re OEM reproduction parts!  So I’m talking like $100 chrome bumpers, rather than $300 OEM JDM chrome bumpers.  And like $30 tail lights.  Crazy cheap.  Hit up Kay Parts for your OEM ke/te/ae70 parts.  He also has a bunch of oldschool JDM wheels and access to other old Japanese parts! EDIT: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM KAY PARTS.  I ORDERED MY PARTS MAY 2ND, IT’S NOW SEPT 5TH AND NO PARTS, NO EMAILS, NO COMMUNICATION FROM KAY PARTS.

E7 Slant Front

E7 flat front

So I’m essentially converting my ae71 to a “GL” model.  What’s a GL model you ask?  It’s the “last” trim model of the E7 Corolla generation.  They look a lot like ae86 Levin Sedans is the way I like to think about it.  They made them in flat fronts and slanted fronts.  Unfortunately, stateside we never got these cool GL models.  But they did in Austrailia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.

The “slant fronts” are commonly known as the ugly ducklings of the E7’s, however I think they’re quire nice looking when set up properly.

So coming soon, will be my slammed ae71 with chrome bumpers and GL flat front conversion.

10 thoughts on “too many projects…

    • i’ve got a ton of stickers. I’ll be sure to get branden some too, so the first person you see can get you one

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