Im glad to be a member of Natsukashi garage. As long as i can remember I’ve always been into cars especially euro cars. My current car is a MK5 GTI, and i bought this car stock right after college and getting a real job. It was a gift to myself for graduating college. At the time I was looking at older VWs and BMWs but when I test drove the MK5 GTI i knew I had to had it. Its a 09 MK5 GTI and has the TSI motor (the improved FSI motor from the older MK5 GTIs) and the same motor that is in the MK6 GTI. People say the MK5 GTI is the best GTI since the original MK1 GTI. The GTI is already a great car stock but being a gearhead it wasn’t stock for long. Within two months I had on BBS LM replica rims, then a month later I had Neuspeed race springs and VF engineering air intake. Then i bought a carbon fiber lip to make the car lower. But since I like to be slammed, i wasnt happy how low my car was so the next month I bought H&R Ultra Low Coilovers. I was slammed and rubbing hard haha. Then I saved some money to money to buy some CCWs because I wanted to have some poke. But I spent that money on a plane trip to the Philippines for vacation and to see my girlfriend. It was money well spent. When I came back, i scored a great deal on some Mercedes Alphards on craigslist. It was like a substitute to CCWs. Now Im slammed, tucked, poked, and stretched. I recently bought a exhaust and euro rear fog light for that OEM+ look. Within one year my GTI was completely transformed. Right now I would say Im 90% finished with my car, just driving it to big car meets with the Natsukashi garage crew!

Rolling on BBS LM reps and Neuspeed race springs

Gotta love those Alparhards

Mayday Garage status!

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