NASA Race at Hallet

First time at Hallet Motor Racing Circuit, and it was hot. Like temperature hot. The weekend was 100F with 98% humidity. Felt like I was in a sauna. It was tough in the race suit.


Regardless of the sauna weather, the track is very fun to drive on. It a shorter track more suited to the lower HP cars. The straights, you’ll hight 4th gear with fast flowing corners. The elevation changes are nice, and blind corners, will test how big of balls you have.


During practice, my contact on the left eye became misaligned. I could tell, because my field of vision was foggier on the left, and the right was very clear. Couldn’t really remember where my turn in was or braking zones.


Then in race 1, my exhaust decided to yeet itself. Thankfully no serious accidents. What happed was I had an old crack on the exhaust which got worse from the heat and eventually caused the part of the exhaust pipe to break off.


Thankfully, the guys at Texas Track Works and Norwood North Italia did some track side welding! Got me ready for the next race. Unfortunately, I didn’t race in the last event because it was too hot. I was already fatigued and didn’t want to risk crashing because of heat exhaustion.


My friend Tony, gave me his old cool shirt set up. I’ll have AC in the race car for the summer races!


It’s okay if I didn’t do my last race. I still had a great time with the homies. We had crawfish on Friday, Saturday was cheeseburgers, and for late dinner. We had midnight ribs, the Oklahoma BBQ way. I will be back next year. Next race is at Leguna Seca!


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