Project AE86: Motor Ver 2.0

On my last post, I blew the motor right after placing 3rd on Race 1 and 2. My plan is to pull the motor and inspect what caused the failure. Currently, work has been busy and haven’t found the time yet to pull the motor. At least I can tear down the spare motor in my garage and just make sure I can use the spare for a rebuild ver 2.0.


The history with my spare motor is it came off my AE86 originally, but once I got the motor running properly, it started to smoke from the tail pipe like a steam locomotive. Compresson test shown it was low on compression and needed a rebuild. Thats when I bought another 4age, which also needed to be rebuild. I found out that old motors just needs to be rebuild, and something I’ve come to accept.


Thankfully, I kept the spare 4age, but wasn’t expecting to use it after 1.5 yrs tracking on the other motor. Something happened failed suddenly at the track. Thats I think right now, after looking at the oil log from the AiM telemetry. I had good oil pressure relative to the rpm. Then turn 5, I suddenly lost pressure at 16 psi, while it was at 6000 rpm. That split second is what made the motor blow.

Now it time to start the tear down on the spare and get it ready for the machine shop.

Thanks for reading and following along on this journey!

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