Hill Country Heat


Wanting to go exploring with some friends, I went to Hidden Falls in the Texas hill country. My friends camped overnight but I couldn’t do it since I work the day left. I was able to meet up for day 2.


I grew up in Austin, Texas and I couldn’t remember if it was this hot before in June. At 9am I was already sweating from airing down my tires. Its dry heat that felt like I was in a oven.


The trails we hit were fairly easy for high clearance 4x4s. Tom told me they went to some level 4 and 5 trails yesterday and wanted to relax today. I couldn’t blame him, no one wants trail damage or white knuckle driving haha.


The Texas heat was pretty bad, by the afternoon my Land Cruiser AC condenser got heat soak and AC was blew luke warm air. I think I’ll need a pusher fan for the summer. The AC cools once we start moving but idling, AC is non existent.


We hit some trails where we did some trail maintenance. More fun with you have a group of people with you.


Sal took some pretty dope pictures. Most of the trails was dry, but we manage to find some mud.


Testing out the new roof rack. I can tell the body doesnt creak when flexing, and Im sure the roof rack stiffen the body. Feels solid.


Tom take a pic for the gram.


Had a great time with the homies and the views of the hill country never disappoint. The Land Cruiser is such a capable rig off road and looking forward to more adventures.


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