Project AE86: MRP goodness


My eBay baffle pan was leaking and unfortunately JB weld didn’t help fix the leak, it was time to buy the legit one. Lesson learned is always stick to quality parts because in the long run you’ll end up paying more to fix the shoddy quality.


I also bought a belt tensioner for my future 4age high reving build too. Might as well save on the shipping.


MRP came with nice instructions on how to install the pan. I took mine to Backyard Auto because Im not skilled enough to remove my pan from the car. Since this part is important to avoid leaks, I figured to take it to the pros.


Fernando did his magic and I got the car back in two days. The intial drive showed no leaks!!! Such a nice quality product and kinda said how it mostly hidden.


Sure looks good though! I haven’t done a track day with the my new oil pan but I will do one once this COVID stuff subsides. Planning on a drifting the 86 in June! Stay tuned for that!

I also did small video of the MRP oil pan. Figured people would rather watch something then read about a product. More off visual learners.

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