New Year, New Car


Yes, my wife and I bought a Tesla! We have never owned an EV car before, but times are changing and eventually cars of the future will be electric. Of course I’ll still keep my 86 and Land Cruiser. Nothing beats the raw driving of the 86 and the off roading capability of the Land Cruiser. But why buy a Tesla instead of another EV?


The main reason is the technology packed in a Tesla. No other car company can self drive, or even do updates like Tesla. The updates that you get via wifi are improvements or new features that make Tesla even better. Its like getting a new car. Has even a built in dash cam too. If you are going to get a new car and want something different, Tesla is something to look into.


People complain about the minalistic interior in the Tesla Model 3 with just a screen and steering wheel. I like that style, all the functions are in the screen and very intuitive. Its like a having a iPad in the car. Why would I get a car with 20 buttons, knobs, and touch screen too. Just too much clutter.


Having an EV car means no need for gas. But with that, comes range anxiety because where would you charge up on a road trip. Tesla has that covered with their exclusive supercharging network. You just need to plug in your destination and Tesla will show the route to make it. That caveat is you need to plan ahead because if you forget something and had to turn back around, or in an area with no charing stations, your range will be affected.


Tesla superchargers are mostly located in shopping centers, so you can eat or shop while the car is getting charge. Charging time is very quick, longest time it took up was 30min from 5% charge to 100%. Its even faster now with the latest upstate. Right now supercharging is free for us! Other brand EV chargers doesn’t have a supercharging network, but you can still charge with 3rd part stations. Tesla comes with an adapter if you decide to share at a non Tesla charger.


First mod I did was a center console wrap. The piano finish is prone to scratches and showing fingerprints.


The warranty on Tesla’s are comparable to other car manufactures. 4 years 50,000 miles bumper to bumper warranty, and 8 yrs 100,000 miles battery and drivetrain warranty. Another plus having an EV car is minimal maintenance! I plan to keep the Tesla for a long time, should help save money on gas and maintenance.

If you are interested in buying a Tesla use my referral code: Currently, if you use the referral code, Tesla is offering 1000 miles free supercharging and $500 off your Tesla purchase!

Happy New Year!

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