Streets of Willow video

This was my only video I had at Streets of Willow. I left my Go Pro on between the session which died because of the desert heat. I had a spare battery but only to find out it wasn’t charged. As the sessions went on I managed my quickest lap on the 3rd session with 1:32.5xx. For a first timer, I would say that is a decent lap time. But, just for comparison, MotorTend timed a 2015 Mustang GT (stock) and managed a 1:24.29 with Randy Pobst as the driver. The pro level difference is high and one day I hope to achieve that driving level. You can only master proper technique with seat time.

This video I gave my brother a ride along, and it was his first time attending a track day. Let’s just say he was impressed, shocked, and scared at the same. After the first session, he didn’t want another ride along. But he sure made a great pit crew helper. Brother: “Man, I didn’t know you can drive like that.” Me: “I was only going 70%, I’m still trying to figure out the course.” Im no Randy Pobst but hearing words like that makes me want to focus more to master my craft.


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