Wekfest Texas 2016 part 1

Since I’ve been tracking, I stop caring about car shows… I mean why pay to park your car and stand around for hours? But Wekfest is a different story. Its still the best car show in Texas and it the only car show I would enter my car in. Wekfest is a show about quality builds and I like that. Thankfully I made screening process and I headed to Wekfest Houston.


I didn’t have time to clean my car for Wekfest, because I had a track day recently and then I was working right before Wekfest. I didn’t mind the dirty track look anyways, it’s being used for its purpose.

Anyways enough about me and on to the photos…

wekfest 2016 part 1-01

This MK2 GTI was one the cleaner euros I saw. The details on this this thing is soo much every time you pass by it again you notice something else different. Loving this build, I was once a Vdub guy too.

wekfest 2016 part 1-02

wekfest 2016 part 1-03

16V boosted with a shaved engine bay. I notice a lot of the Wekfest cars have the shaved bays which it pretty nice. I personally don’t know how to do it but its a lot hours and paying attention to detail.

wekfest 2016 part 1-04

Euro front end.

wekfest 2016 part 1-05

Seen this build on IG and its pretty nice. Im not a stance guy anymore but I do appreciate the build and effort that has been done to it. Its aggressive but not annoying.

wekfest 2016 part 1-06

Also showcasing a shaved bay and some polished parts. Supercharged to back up the aggressive stance.

wekfest 2016 part 1-07

Simple S2000 with VOLK TE37 and Toyo R8888.

wekfest 2016 part 1-08

I am a fan of Volks….

wekfest 2016 part 1-09

This one rocking even more aggresive tires. Hankooks TDs, I’ve heard positive things about this tire on the track…. I don’t think this owner tracks his s2000 though. The tires don’t show track use…

wekfest 2016 part 1-10

Clean Integra with Mugen parts

wekfest 2016 part 1-12

BMW E36 with aggressive over fenders, looks custom made too. The BBS RS fills them in nicely.

wekfest 2016 part 1-13

I’ve seen this red E36 M3 at the Mayday meets and on IG. Hasn’t changed much looks wise over the years but it recently has Car Shop Glow LED tail lights.

wekfest 2016 part 1-14

JDM wheels

wekfest 2016 part 1-15

This RSX was one my favorite Hondas. Its race inspired with stripped out interior and he even relocated the battery behind the front bumper. Its the little details that count. The car has never been tracked but the owner was interested in tracking his car someday.

wekfest 2016 part 1-16

Murdered out R25 GTR. Those things are super fast even in stock form.

wekfest 2016 part 1-17

Bagged and suppercheged civic. Some go for that show.

wekfest 2016 part 1-18 wekfest 2016 part 1-19

Some love for the single overhead cam owners out there. This D series is even boosted…

wekfest 2016 part 1-20

Boosted FRS…. A lot of the cars in the show actually had some aftermarket boost. Just kinda tells you that Wekfest isn’t a show for basic cars. People really put time and money into their cars.

wekfest 2016 part 1-21

H22A Prelude on VIP modular wheels… I think it’s VIP modular.

wekfest 2016 part 1-22

That carbon fiber intake and those bends on the header.

wekfest 2016 part 1-23

My homie, Marc’s NA miata. Should have seen this car when he first bought it. I was there and the car looked like shit. It has come a long way and won 2nd best Mazda! This was Marc first Wekfest show too! Beginners luck? hahaha. Congrats Marc!

wekfest 2016 part 1-33 wekfest 2016 part 1-24

B series swapped CRX with a shaved engine bay. I remember when Donnie has his CRX and that thing was peppy.

wekfest 2016 part 1-26

Donnie has now moved on to Toyota Carina rocking old school SSR MKII wheels, with the fender mirrors. Loving the classic look. The time when cars where much simpler. I see these cars in the Philippines but just not at as nice as Donnie.

wekfest 2016 part 1-27

Genuine RHD with old school Recaro.

wekfest 2016 part 1-25

Work X Volk

wekfest 2016 part 1-30

Another look of the flared out E36.

wekfest 2016 part 1-31 RB motoring with the R32 GTS.

wekfest 2016 part 1-32

wekfest 2016 part 1-35 Laid out.

wekfest 2016 part 1-34

Another clean Prelude on Work Razax, and probably bagged too.

wekfest 2016 part 1-36 All about the fitment. wekfest 2016 part 1-37

wekfest 2016 part 1-38 K swaped DeSol. Shaved bay too and Mugen parts

wekfest 2016 part 1-39

Another very clean EK Civic on Bridgstone RE71R tires. Another great track tire.

wekfest 2016 part 1-40 Integra Type R with Mugen wheels.

wekfest 2016 part 1-41

Laied out Lexus with Aimgain accents.

wekfest 2016 part 1-42 wekfest 2016 part 1-43

My favorite S2000, with Volk wheels, Advan Neova tires and Mugen bumper. This car just screams for the track… But I don’t it has been tracked, because the tires again doesn’t show any signs of track abuse or track battle scars. I could be wrong and maybe the owner just mounted new set of Advan tires or got a fresh re paint.

wekfest 2016 part 1-44 wekfest 2016 part 1-45

wekfest 2016 part 1-47 Then you have a super aggressive styled S2000.

wekfest 2016 part 1-46

wekfest 2016 part 1-48 This TL is on Rotiform 3 pc rims and the quality Rotiform is something replica wheels can replicate. wekfest 2016 part 1-49

wekfest 2016 part 1-50 Bagged Jetta, liking the color on this. wekfest 2016 part 1-52

A civic with No Good Racing livery…. I don’t think this civic is part of No Good Racing but its paying homage to it and I dig that. The engine build on this looks like its ready for the drag strip.

wekfest 2016 part 1-53

Stay tuned for part 2….


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