MSR Houston part 2

If you didn’t read the earlier blog…. I did a track day at MSR Houston with Drivers Edge. They are a high performance drivers education (HPDE) organizer. It’s kinda like racing school where you get instructors and class time. There are four levels: green, blue, yellow, red. Green is novice, blue is you have some track experience but same its the speed at green, yellow is SOLO, and red is SOLO also but allows passing on the corners. As you get better you can move up the levels.


I have some experience at the track but its my first time with Drivers Edge and Im no way professional level. When I signed up I placed myself in lowest class (novice) becuase I did want some class time and an instructor to help me on my techniques.


The first day at MSR Houston (MSRH) I was bumped to blue group (semi novice) becuase I “was too fast for the green group,” said my instructor. The instructor mentioned that my car was set up for the track and could tell I had some track experience. Not going to lie I was shocked and felt confident, and happy that my experience helped me move up the group.

The 2nd day I continued to track with the blue group. The cars in that group are more powerful cars like GTRs, and Corvettes. We still get the occasional traffic but passing is more recognized. We still get class time but its on more advanced techniques and spatial awareness like recognizing the flag stations are the cars around you. On my 2nd session of the day the instructor was impressed enough that I could move up the the yellow group (3rd highest) which means I can go SOLO!!! I was told to go out with the yellow group on my third session and do a ride check. Ride check means an instructor with grade you and see if you are ready for the group.

Unfortunately… It started to rain on the 3rd session and I wasn’t able to get ride checked for the yellow group. But they still let me run with the yellow group by myself! I was nervous becuase the I don’t have much experience in the rain and the yellow group are more advance drivers and some had race cars! I just kept saying to my head “don’t mess up now, you made it to the yellow group. Last thing you want is to spin out and go back to blue group” I wanted to move up the group levels because the red and yellow groups have discounted rates, and my fellow M3 friends are in that group!

I was pretty happy that I moved up to the yellow group. I was never checked off with the yellow group, but I was able to ride with them on the last two sessions in the rain! The tip to move up the groups is not being the fastest. You have to recognize the flags and corner workers, show good driving techniques and recognize cars around you. You may be the fastest driver but if you don’t see the cars around you or the flags then you’ll never move up.


My lap times did improve and I was getting faster each sessions except when it rained of course. Next week its another track day at Texas World Speedway with NASA and then MSR Houston! Looking forward to that! I honestly think the car show days are gone hahaha.

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