Mini Photo Shoot

My friend Alex from Slammednuff and founder of Cars in Houston wanted to do a little mini shoot of the M3. Im always down for a shoot, if work schedule allows me. Luckily, I was off the next day, and I didn’t sleep for 18hrs (because of night shift), but I love cars and anything car related kept me up for the day. The shoot came out soo well, that Im going to make a print of all these photos. A little remembrance for when I get older.



The real VOLK TE37, I posted about fake VOLKS on my pervious post…. Just sad how people would try to rip you off.



The booty. The M3 lines are already aggressive from the factory, you don’t really need to do much. Maybe a lip and rear diffusor… Its also tucking 265 sized tires. Which I’m upping to 275 sized tires soon.


Few people will notice, but one side has the color match reflector and the other is the stock reflector. When I was installing the color matched reflector, I dropped it inside the bumper and I couldn’t get it out. Im just not mechanically inclined like my other friends.




Im loving these VOLK TE37RT. I think it looks better than the Work KIwamis I had before.


The roller shots was the hardest. First of all we were shooting in the start of the afternoon rush hour traffic and we where not exactly organized. Good thing my other friend Lam, from Proper Garage, came by to help with rollers, and gave some tips like don’t go too fast.



I only had the car for a little over one month, I already lowered it and has gone to two sets of wheels. The M3 is already good from the factory and doesn’t really need much improvement. I still plan on some things like exhaust, lip, upgrade the engine bearings, and other things but I’ll take my time. I like to enjoy the little versions of where the car is at.

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