Wekfest TEXAS 2014

wekfest 2014-002

Its that time of year again! Wekfest has always been my favorite show to attend to, and this year was no different but this time Im the spectator. I wasn’t accepted this year when I registered both of my cars. I am kinda butt hurt but I guess its another person’s turn to be in Wekfest. Besides I was working that whole weekend (nightshift 12 hrs.) and I wouldn’t be able to show my cars, sometimes things do happen for a reason.

wekfest 2014-003

Thaison’s hatchiroku was the only car in our team that made it to Wekfest but that didn’t stop the rest of the team to drive to Houston from Austin. Unfortunately Thaison couldn’t make it because of work but Cody drove his car for him. I was determined to at make it Wekfest before I had to get some rest for work.

wekfest 2014-007

Sunday morning, after my shift was over I went home and got ready for Wekfest. Some my friends from Austin came the night before and slept at my crib. Sooo naturally, after they woke up, we were all hungry. We ate at a local spot in Houston called House of Pies and their menu has always been delicious. After doing a 12hr shift I was sleepy but the excitement and 3 cups of coffee kept me awake.


The breakfast of champions. As you know, you need a good hearty breakfast for Wekfest.


The entrance to House of Pies was dump friendly but the exit looked like Mt. Everest. Since we are all static, we exited through the entrance without drama with the exception of a few confused faces from the customers.

wekfest 2014-012

Since we were the cool kids, we all parked behind the convention center.

wekfest 2014-013

Branden finally put the center caps for the Advans. He actually had a motocycle race the day before Wekfest and trailered his CBR600.

wekfest 2014-014

wekfest 2014-015

I remember seeing this Mercedes at StanceNation Dallas and it still looks great! This is the same owner that had the green bagged MK1 Golf at Wekfest last year. Very impressive build and a lot of custom work, I know he is planning to bag the Merc too.

wekfest 2014-016

This TSX rocking Mugen and 90s Volk GT-P! No replicas in Wekfest.

wekfest 2014-018

wekfest 2014-017

Crews getting ready for roll in.

wekfest 2014-019

wekfest 2014-020

wekfest 2014-021

wekfest 2014-022

wekfest 2014-025

wekfest 2014-027

wekfest 2014-028

wekfest 2014-030

wekfest 2014-031

The line for the roll in and people waiting to be assigned a spot.

wekfest 2014-032

wekfest 2014-033

wekfest 2014-034

wekfest 2014-035

wekfest 2014-036

wekfest 2014-037

wekfest 2014-039

wekfest 2014-041

wekfest 2014-042

wekfest 2014-043

This ITR, with a K20 swapped ITBs, really killed the game. Wekfest really brings the heavy hitters out.

wekfest 2014-044

All carbon fiber Js Racing s2000. Wekfest has a good mix of stance, meaty fitment, JDM, Euro, and American. No haters here.

wekfest 2014-045

Hakosuka GTR. Legit shit from Mayday Garage. Im clearly doing it wrong.

wekfest 2014-047

Team Volk Racing

wekfest 2014-048

wekfest 2014-049

wekfest 2014-050

wekfest 2014-046

wekfest 2014-051

wekfest 2014-052

wekfest 2014-053

wekfest 2014-054

My homie Manny from Team Apokalypse couldn’t show his TSX because someone vandalized his car weeks before Wekfest. People like that shouldn’t even be living, why ruin someone’s hard work just because of jealously. Kinda shows this world is not as nice as it seems to be but you just come back harder and knowing you have good friends and family with you. Because in the end its your life. Don’t let the lows get to you, instead get back up and try harder.

wekfest 2014-055

wekfest 2014-057

wekfest 2014-058

wekfest 2014-060

This BMW was absolutely insane. Seemed like every single body panel in this BMW was modified, in a good way. I think this BMW is rocking the Liberty Walk body kit. This is probably the best BMW out of the show in my opinion.

wekfest 2014-062

Very classy. Im a wheel whore and I can tell a nice rim. These are BBS Motorsport Magnesium wheels made for Bugatti. They are centerlocked rims but I think these have been converted to 5 lug. Most people wont notice it but its all the little things that count that ties the build together. Super rare wheels, and even rarer to be converted to 5 lug. Ahhh the early 90s styling, and did I mention, its Bugatti.

wekfest 2014-066

wekfest 2014-067

wekfest 2014-063

wekfest 2014-068

wekfest 2014-069

wekfest 2014-071

Really lovin the red Work center caps. A nice touch to make the Kiwami pop. Demon camber is starting to get popular with increasing hate too haha. I personally love it, and Im glad to say I did demon camber on the Miata Jan 2014, before it got popular, in the States. Next year though, the Miata is going to have a different stance. You just have to wait and see.

wekfest 2014-072

wekfest 2014-073

Team Advans

wekfest 2014-074

wekfest 2014-075

wekfest 2014-076

wekfest 2014-077

wekfest 2014-082

Lam with his baby blue Tiburion. Now with team Prospeks

wekfest 2014-081

Last year he had iForged Fabulous now he is on Volk CE28 for a more functional fitment. He just picked up those carbon fiber side skirts days before Wekfest. Looking good.

wekfest 2014-083

wekfest 2014-084

G35 was pushing the fitment envelope. This build is the other end of spectrum with the slam, tuck, poke, stretch scene. I like this style the most, and definitely stirs controversy in hearts of some car people.

wekfest 2014-093

wekfest 2014-094

wekfest 2014-086

wekfest 2014-087

Tony’s static TSX…… Just kidding its actually bagged. But Hong’s Altimia is static. Team Vossen wheels with these duo.

wekfest 2014-088

wekfest 2014-099

This was my favorite Euro mainly because I love VWs and I happen to own a MK5 GTI. This R32 keeps it clean and simple, bagged on classic BBS RS with upsized lips. Love the little details like the Cupra R lip, the BBS center caps to the yellow high beam lights. I tried to the replace the high beem lights on my GTI and was a pain in the ass, or maybe Im just not mechanically inclined.

wekfest 2014-097

wekfest 2014-096

wekfest 2014-098

wekfest 2014-100

The Honda game at Wekfest always seems to be the hardest to judge because I think a majority of them has a swap, boosted, ITBs, shaven engine bays, or rocking legit JDM parts. The Honda judges must have it tough.

wekfest 2014-101

wekfest 2014-078

wekfest 2014-104

This EF looked very familiar to the EF last year that had the rebarreled SSR Super Fins. It was all stanced and cambered but this year the look is a more functional track/kanjo look. The engine had the looks to back it up.

wekfest 2014-103

wekfest 2014-105

No reps, just Mugen MF10 from Japan.

wekfest 2014-107

wekfest 2014-106

wekfest 2014-110

Notice the front mount turbo on this ITR. You don’t see that often, and its not the eBay turbo kit either. This is custom fabrication and countless hours in the garage. Im pretty sure the owner put more money on this ITR then I have on my GTI or Miata combined.

wekfest 2014-108

wekfest 2014-111

Always something new with Tom’s S2000 at every show. Going for the fuctional track setup for Wekfest this year. And now on Volk TE37 instead of Mugen MF10s.

wekfest 2014-109

Meaty Toyo R888

wekfest 2014-116

wekfest 2014-115

wekfest 2014-118

Lightwight with a K swap.

wekfest 2014-119

wekfest 2014-120

wekfest 2014-133

Cristian S2000 looking real clean. Fitment on point and static too.

wekfest 2014-135

wekfest 2014-134

wekfest 2014-125

Roger’s Mazdaspeed daily from team BRG. He just recently acquired Work VS KF, team Work Wheel right here. He actually drives his car from San Antonio to Houston frequently because his girlfriend lives in Houston. Better love story than Twilight.

wekfest 2014-126

wekfest 2014-124

wekfest 2014-091

Hybrid Lexus, something you dont see often in the car community. Not sure if the LED tail lights come stock from Lexus but Im liking it.

wekfest 2014-085VQ swap on this 280Z with a custom twin turbo set up. I saw this car in the early morning with a WRX just cruising the streets of Houston. Purred really nice on the highway and it broke my neck, I almost missed my exit heading home.

wekfest 2014-092

wekfest 2014-112

wekfest 2014-127

Bun’s uniquely wrapped Anime wrapped Subie. Just being different from the rest but still looking cool.

wekfest 2014-128

Root beer GLI, with Mercedes Benz Alphards. A classic wheel in the Euro community. I wish I still kept my set.

wekfest 2014-129

wekfest 2014-130

wekfest 2014-131

wekfest 2014-132

wekfest 2014-143

wekfest 2014-123

wekfest 2014-136

wekfest 2014-137

wekfest 2014-121

wekfest 2014-122

wekfest 2014-140

wekfest 2014-141

wekfest 2014-147

wekfest 2014-148

wekfest 2014-150

wekfest 2014-151

wekfest 2014-152

The memories.

wekfest 2014-154

wekfest 2014-153

wekfest 2014-156

wekfest 2014-157

wekfest 2014-158

The Volk Wheel booth was showing its products at Wekfest with Mayday Garage since they are rocking Volks. Volk is also starting to stamp their TE37, obviously because of all the knock offs. Forged wheels, not rep wheels.

wekfest 2014-159

wekfest 2014-138

wekfest 2014-139

After 18 hrs of no sleep and having to work later that night, I left before they opened their doors to the public. I wanted to take more pictures and stay longer but I needed rest. Its was only a day later after looking at instagram pics that I missed out on the Ridox Supra and I didn’t even get to see my homie, Johnny’s custom widebodied MK5 GTI. BUT…… For more Wekfest photos check out my homie Cody’s flicker page:




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