Happens only once every 3 years….. Like the start of the Olympics. It really felt that way. JNCM-031 This was actually my first time attending this meet but I sure loved all the quality cars that came out. Three years ago, when Mayday Garage first had this meet, Thaison was able to attend but I think I was still in the Philippines. 3 years ago, Thaison rolled up in his TE27 Corolla with his lip backwards hahaha. te21 Unfortunately Thaison wasn’t able to make it this year, but me sure his car did. He had someone drive his s2000 swapped AE86 all the way from Austin. Thats dedication. JNCM-036 I rolled in earlier than the rest of the Natsukashi Garage gang because they had a 3 hr drive but I didn’t. I went with my homies from Houston and I have to say the Houston car game kills the Austin game. Bruce’s 280z got internet famous with bags and a flared wide body complimented by the super aggressive spec AG Wheels. Chilling with this guy in the garage, I can tell he is a perfectionist. Its not often you see a beautiful build like Bruce’s Z. Unfortunately the Wekfest curse hit him hard, and the car is undrivable currently. But that didn’t stop him from attending a meet that happens once every 3 years. He trailered his car to the meet, and loading the car to the trailer was a task itself. The dedication though, just because you can’t drive your car doesn’t mean you can’t trailer it. IMG_4299 My friend Donnie has one of the cleanest CRXs out there and we ended up trading my GTI for his CRX because he had work and wasn’t able to make it in time to get a get a good spot. His car reminds me of my Miata just faster and more refined. JNCM-019 The CRX was a fun car to drive, and has a lot of pep. Like a eager puppy dog ready to grab the ball once you throw it. JNCM-001 JNCM-021 The ICE. JNCM-020 JNCM-018 While waiting to get the cars detailed at my friend’s secret location I stumbled on the this rare Audi S4 wagon. V8 muscle with a manual tranny.  Sooo much want. This secret location had more rare European and Japanese cars but thats for another time. JNCM-022 JNCM-028 When we got to the meet, a lot of cars showed up all at once. We caused traffic jams in this little Houston street. JNCM-023 JNCM-024 JNCM-026 The meet was held at Moon Tower Inn, a local Houston bar. This place has a vast selection of crafted beers, with tasty hotdogs and burgers. Seemed like every other person had a tattoo, gauges, a beard, or thick rimed glasses. Has that hipster vibe kinda like Austin. My home away from home. JNCM-029 JNCM-027 JNCM-039 Chan was taking Polaroid shots, the memories. Thats the model hand of Bruce, some people call him Ryan Gosling.JNCM-030 JNCM-042 JNCM-040 This had a 1UZ motor from the Lexus SC400. Except this motor powered the much lighter AE86. JNCM-062 JNCM-037 Got sandwiched with the heavy hitters. JNCM-043 JNCM-035 JNCM-049 JNCM-044 Then more heavy hitters came out. JNCM-048 JNCM-047


This S14 looked like had some serious power judging the size from the rear tires. JNCM-053 Im loving this R32 and can now be import legally, since its 25 years old. All its takes is money. JNCM-054 JNCM-055 More cars just kept on rolling throughout the day and into the night. JNCM-057 Sweg. JNCM-058 JNCM-063 Another rare sight to see, is this widebody Toyota Starlet on some, I think, old school SSR mesh wheels. JNCM-065 The widebody wasn’t just for looks either, this has a BEAMS motor. Sporting retrofitted headlights tooo. JNCM-060 JNCM-059 JNCM-067 Rocking legit Volk RE30s, thats money. Then I saw this Silvia which minded me of the style in the Japan. JNCM-070 JNCM-071 JNCM-076 JNCM-066 The aircooled classic. This Porsche looked like the 911 RS with the duck tail spoiler. JNCM-074 The 350z almost got stuck on the incline and rocking rubber band tires on GTR wheels. JNCM-075 You really had a mix of old and newer cars. Obviously priority was given to the older cars. JNCM-077 Cities like Houston, that is sooo big, you never know what you will encounter. Like this stanced Hyundai Tiburon, looks like its RWD but its actually FWD. Props to the owner for taking a car that doesn’t really have a lot of aftermarket support or been known to be riced out with APC parts, or Walmart specials. JNCM-069 The ambulance was called because sooo many necks were broken. JNCM-079 JNCM-080 JNCM-081 JNCM-082 JNCM-085 Then it started getting dark. JNCM-086 I used to drive a 1969 Beetle in the Philippines and this Beetle brought back memories. JNCM-087 JNCM-089 JNCM-091 JNCM-092 JNCM-093


Cody and Billy showed up in their bikes all the way from Austin. What was suppose to be a 3hr drive ended up becoming 7hrs becuase AJ’s bike broke down and needed a trailer. The struggle is real, but they made it thanks to Randy’s truck. JNCM-097 JNCM-098 Nothing like chilling with your homies, over cars and beer. JNCM-099 JNCM-105 JNCM-100 Then I spotted this R31. I saw this car also at the Mayday Garage Ricer meet last Wednesday. JNCM-122 JNCM-101 Individual trumpets on this Hatchiroku JNCM-103 The guys from CVT brought their van and aired out while driving….. scraping what seemed to be flat road. JNCM-102 JNCM-104 A Nascar V8 car that’s next to a truck that is doing a burnout…. Merica JNCM-108 JNCM-107 JNCM-119 JNCM-110 JNCM-109 JNCM-111 JNCM-113 Bruce making a crowd. JNCM-114 JNCM-115 Then they are gone….. JNCM-118 JNCM-123 JNCM-124 JNCM-130 JNCM-125 JNCM-127 Team Badass showed up. JNCM-128 JNCM-132 JNCM-133 JNCM-134 JNCM-136 JNCM-129 I love meets like these and the exclusivity. You see all the quality builds out there and some cars you might not see till the next Nostalgic Car Meet. I know for certain, some of the cars seen here will not be in Wekfest Houston. Not because they didnt get accepted, Im sure they would in a heartbeat, instead the owners prefer a meet like this. No competition for best in show but just a relaxed meet with high class cars, chilling with your friends with food and beer.




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