Snow White

Alan s2000-01

One of our very own’s Natsukashi Garage member is Alans S2000. I met this guy way back, when we were both in high school and ever since then we have been friends. Alan had a B16 swaped EK9 in high school but his EK9 was tragically stollen after 1 year. We did find the EK9 but it was too late and car was literally gutted out. That didn’t stop Alan from cars and got a bone stock white AP1. As the years pasted this S2000 has undergone many transformations through out the years.

Alan s2000-03

Alan is more into the stance game with his S2000 and it shows. His previous wheel sets were Enkei NT03 concave faces, and then Work VS XX, and now Work VS KF which matches the car very well.

Alan s2000-06

I remember working on his S2000 couple years ago to lower his car more with his HKS HyperMax coilovers. Basically we maxed it out and I still would tease him my Miata and GTI are more dumped.

Alan s2000-04

Dat assssss.

Alan s2000-13

Creamy bokeh, yeah out of focus on purpose.

Alan s2000-08

Recently Alan got a Amuse rep front bumper and a Mugen hard top. I personally don’t like to do a hard top on convertible cars but you build your car for yourself.

Alan s2000-05

Work VS KF with gold hardware is a nice touch. Alan currently has bigger lips siting in his house and planing to do over fenders in the near future.

Alan s2000-16

Alan s2000-14

Carbon fiber JDP spoiler.

Alan s2000-11

Titanium….. J’s Racing, soooo light and loud noises.

Alan s2000-10

Zen like

Alan s2000-15

Car is low miles too, less than 80,000 miles!!!

Alan s2000-22

Alan s2000-18

Ride into the sun

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