Slammed life

So as of recent, I’ve been missing how my 86 drove and felt when it was just hammered to the ground. Back before, I ran slammed in m celica supra 14″ wheels. Needless to say, it was lowlowlowlow.


After I threw my 15’s on I decided to raise it bc it was soooo harsh driving around town. But I soon realized I wasn’t happy with that height
. I couldn’t hear my frame rails scraping speed bumps so I decide to lower it… Again. Removed the adjustable spring collars on the rear and here’s how it looked.


But boy did it rub! I had little tire rubber bunnies all over the overfenders and it was smoooookin as I drove. So I had o loosen a couple screws to give some more “flex” between the tire and the overfenders.


But it looks like kaka and still rubs, just not as bad. My next step is to try some 195/50’s or 45’s on the rears to see if that resolved this rubbing issue.

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