bay prep (archived)

So as of the last two weeks or so I have been hard at work preparing y engine bay for my swap. Being inspired by the car peace ae86 that was featured on speedhunters, I was going after something similar.

The first step of course was to get the engine pulled. That’s to he help of one of my 86 buddies, Joseph, we had it out in no time!


Then it was time to strip the paint! I went with trusty ole aircraft remover. P.s. don’t get it on your skin! Burns like a mofo!


Then it was time to clean clean clean. I washed and wiped the bay until it was stripped to bare metal. Look how shiny! Part of me just wanted to clear coat and call it a day!


Then it was primer time and bondo time! It was t first time works with body filler. It’s not hard at all! It just took a hole to learn the right amount of hardener to use, so the filler doesn’t dry too quickly.



Then it was time I primer primer primer and paint paint paint! I used about six cans of primer and 10 cans of paint. I went with a rustoleum “aluminum” color. And before the clear coat I added duplicator effex so I could get a nice rainbow glitter in there.





Then for the front of the bay and the windshield shroud area I chose a java metallic rustoleum color.
Here’s how he final result looked. A month after pulling the engine:



Who said spray paint can’t look good? After some waxing it was sooooo nice

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