CCM13 Part 2

To our readers I need to apologize. I know myself have been extremely busy with many things in life. To inform you all I just recently purchased a 2012 Honda CBR250r to commute to school and work. In addition I’ve been spending lots of time at work and school and yes….. playing Diablo 3. For neglecting you all I sincerely apologize and am making  a promise today to create more frequent updates!

But back to the cool stuff. I finally am ready to show you all the second installment to our CCM13 OKC adventure!

Lets start things out right. Friction motorsports is an unknown company to myself BUT I did like a lot of cars they had out. This FC, though I wish had a better wheel choice, was still an FC which I love regardless. Glad to see some old Mazda’s out there.

two silvias! One USDM pig nose sitting next to a silvia front end. Best part is both of their intercoolers. Love these things.

What’s going on with the purple nissan?

Yep, that’ll do it. I love when new and old technologies meet in harmony!

Oklahoma apparently likes neon wheels. Not my cup of tea but they have some good stance going on.

I will never pass up a good rex. Even if it is being dwarfed by the larger mustang, haha.

Front view of slammed miata. I did enjoy this gentleman’s side skirts.

Too much function vs. form debate. I love the execution of this SC. Nothing but good old swagger… I mean stagger.

Yes, they are real!!!

Now, I love Mugen SI’s more then a lot of cars in this word. That being said I love this one, but will disagree with the owner’s decision to paint the wheels. IMO when you have something as valuable and rare as this, you either leave it the way it is from factory or add nothing but the best of mods to it. (Maybe I’m just a hater because I’ll never like painted stock wheels). Glad to see this car out though, no doubt.

Starting that gangsta lean before he can even drive. Also saying hi to Tiffany Troung for putting on this wonderful event. Additionally, this G coupe was seriously on point in every way possible. (Do wipers up mean he’s more classy? If so, I’m on it)

I’m a new rim brand noob, but hey the finish on these work on this car.

Oh wuddup Ty!

The skittle vs. the trike, who wins? I vote skittle

Datssun love forever. Headlight covers? I think yes!

Low and wide Altezza. These cars are immensely fun to drive. I really wish I would see more manual ones!

I spy….. my SI! I am the most grateful person when people appreciate my work.

All the love in the world right here.

Vinson always rolls hard.

Home made banner!

The merch!

Low, wide, tastefully done. I love the CCW + Cusco + ARC combo all day any day.

Now this thing was a blast from the past. I apologize if the owner thought I was being sarcastic when I was talking about how much I love this car because I do with every bit of my heart. Go back to 2000 and this car would be right on the cover of Super Street Magazine. The attention to detail on this car was perfect. Everything was period specific and it all flows so well together. I will forever by a ricer and this is my reason for it. Many props to the owner of this integra for letting me relive my childhood.

Exactly how it should be. 4 subs, nitrous, and a roll cage. I can’t get enough of it!

Intercooler, that is all.

Some more good old datsun love

I love these shoes!! On the cars you pervs!

1110z. A math joke, get it?

Godzilla appeared!!

EP3’s are all around but very few are done like this. One day I’ll own an EP3 Type R, this one made sure of it

So clean…

EG on Work Meister s1’s? I approve

White on white is timeless

The best part about this ITR, besides it being phoenix yellow, is that it was built to be driven. I love purpose driven builds!

Something to hold you with, my dear!

This crew was on point all over.

H R E… the epitome of nice wheels. Sadly I forgot to get a shot of the whole car 😦

Oh ya know, just a type r on SW388’s

Some of my awesome friends that decided to show up without me knowing. Whats up Ruben, Monica, Travis, and Josh!! No Ruben, I’m not DTF

They always have to pose.

Travis’s teg on the left, Josh’s hatch on the right (Also used to be Travis’s car) Both white, both clean

So close to Texas I can really taste it!

Travis helpin Josh rep Natsukashi Garage

Old interior’s never are out of style

82 year old car accompanied by it’s 82 year old owner Willie. My hat goes off to you sir

This Datsun was mine and Thaison’s favorite car there. Rough around the edges with over fenders while slammed. So beautiful.

It just works

The best executed Genesis I’ve seen in person.

So the meet was over. We decided then to head back to the hotel to get some rest in before we went out to eat. As it turns out, we can never have a road trip without some car problems as we soon remembered. Thaison’s car started acting up on the way back so we hung out in the parking lot while he sorted it out

Toilet paper and friends, that’s all you need.

We found the culprit. Since Thaison literally lives in Vietnam, his car was inhabited by rats. That being said, rat poop had gotten down by his spark plugs and caused a bad connection. I don’t know too many people who can say that.

All’s well that ends well and we decided to end the night on a high note, at the Wedge. We always get down with pizza and this was a time to keep that theme going.

Friends, family, and pizza. A  Natsukashi Life

While Thaison was busy talking to some girls outside he convinced them, and apparently the workers at The Wedge, that we were a band, and with that our sticker is forever immortalized at The Wedge. If you ever end up there please take a pic of our sticker and share it with us! We will have some goodies for you!

The next day we had to make our way back to Austin, Texas. What better place for a last minute photo than the place where 3 out of the 4 cars pictured were born. (Thaison had to leave at the crack of dawn because he had work that afternoon!)

Apparently our cars are not huge fans of large bumps in the road. Cody’s car is so low that when it hit the bump it broke the clutch in his brand new AC compressor. He didn’t find this out until we got back and he had to drive the whole way back without AC. What a trooper!

Gas Hogs!!

So as the story goes, we made it home. I would like to thank all the wonderful people that I had the chance of meeting in Oklahoma and the never ending friendships that will occur from these encounters. It was truly an awesome time and I can’t wait to see some of you guys again on July 21st in Dallas. Natsukashi Garage will be out there bigger than everr with friends from all over the southern states. Till next time, -BChaisorn

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