Late Night Photoshoot

Last night some of the Natsukashi Garage boys decided to get together to showcase some new additions to our rides, or at least modifications. For Thaison, Cody, and I it was all about slamming our cars. For Arick, we were just celebrating the fact that his car still worked…. for now…. because we all know that won’t last long.

The rest of the night was fun, and involved things such as Charlie getting pulled over in my car (which has expired registration) and us spotting a fire from the top floor of a parking garage. Also, no night is ever complete these days without Thaison getting mistaken as a girl (apparently “she” was driving around with a suspicious car). Luckily for him, the Pho game is kickin and the police knew him from the Pho shop.

In the end, it was to get these shots. Here are a few from the night that I personally really liked


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renegade x sarupbuhay

You do not want to miss this event, this will be the largest meet in the Austin area this summer. pass the word along and make sure to save the date.

Renegade X Sarupbuhay summer meet
— Saturday June 8th 2013
— 8:45pm – 11:15pm
— at Pho Thasion
9500 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Austin, TX 78748

— Loyal KNG
— Lead Industries
— Natsukashi Garage
— Squirrel Squad
— Grip Royal

DJ MIK ONE out of Houston will be playing music for your ear holes.

King Ptolemy of Austin will be debuting his second album demo

Kawaii Lani will also be making an appearance

throwback thursday — slammed on 14’s

Welp, since TBT or “throw back thursdays” are the new cool thing to do on social media on thursdays… I decided I’d hop on the bandwagon today.

I’m gonna take things back to Nov. 5th, 2011. The day I took my little hatch all over downtown Austin, TX for a photoshoot. I had gotten tired of my 14″ low offset wheels and was about ready for widebody and Angelina Jolie lips on my hatch. So I decided to take it out on a shoot so that I could remember the way it looked back in the day…

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CCM 15

It’s that time of year again. Another CCM down. This time a few of the boys and I drove/rode to Houston to gather for CCM 15. The cool part this time was that we got to stay with big brother Vinson in his Houston diggs for the weekend. We tried to keep it nice and clean…. besides breaking his garage door and having Joseph pass out within the first few minutes. My non consumption of alcohol led me to be the first one to fall asleep and luckily not be held responsible for these travesties .   This weekend marked my first big trip on my motorcycle (900+ miles in 3 days total) and I found out a lot of things about motorcycle riding including the frequent need for rest stops. On one of these such rest stops we even met a guy on the outskirts of Houston who turned out to be quite the character. After first rolling up in his 5.0 soft top he made Thaison and I stay there so he could go home and get his older Celica. We didn’t think much of it until he returned in a purple older gen celica (Thaison help me out here) which was completely gutted and swapped with a 4runner motor. Needless to say the car looked like a lot of fun, and the owner had tons of fun doing the only thing you’re required to do in rural America…. burnouts. Shortly, we made it down and stopped at Mai’s restaurant in down town Houston. Little did we know the place was all kinds of fancy and we were all under dressed ( me in a motorcycle jacket and Thaison’s ripped shorts didn’t help our case). The food however was great and we sure did eat it all. We left there and made it to Vinson’s house to get ready for the next day.
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CCM14 Dallas

Here we are again. This time the Natsukashi crew decided to head out to CCM14 in Dallas which was hosted by Tiffany Troung and Ty Nguyen as usual. The trip was one that was to be full of great times and surprises and the creation of the first Natsukashi Games.  Though we kept to our usual antics we did not forget the main reason why we came up there, for the meet. I love going to these things. The people you meet and friends you make last a life time and those are things I never want to change. The downside of this meet was the heat. It was a blistering 105+ on the pavement but, as the boys and girls of Natsukashi Garage will tell you, I sucked it up to get some shots of some great cars for you all. My apologies this round for not getting every car, but due to the heat and the amazing turnout that was there I had to limit my shots. Again these are unedited much because I still haven’t had time to learn much about photo editing, nor do I like highly edited photos much. On to the show!

Things started as usual when we travel north which resulted in us meeting at my place over in Round Rock. This time we had some other great friends of mine join us which made the trip all the more enjoyable. Please excuse my good friend David for being a creeper.
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CCM13 Part 2

To our readers I need to apologize. I know myself have been extremely busy with many things in life. To inform you all I just recently purchased a 2012 Honda CBR250r to commute to school and work. In addition I’ve been spending lots of time at work and school and yes….. playing Diablo 3. For neglecting you all I sincerely apologize and am making  a promise today to create more frequent updates!

But back to the cool stuff. I finally am ready to show you all the second installment to our CCM13 OKC adventure!

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